So the last time I posted was just before our holiday.  Which was lovely by the way 🙂 Some winter sun was rejuvenating!

The day before we flew out, on 15 Jan, the doc confirmed she was going to refer us for IVF.  True to her word, she did. A few days after we got back from holiday, I received a phone call asking us to go in. At this meeting they would assess whether we qualify for a round of IVF for free.

We went along on 7 Feb (I think). We had to take our passports along and sign some paperwork for us and the docs to confirm they had no concerns about us and that we wouldn’t put a child at risk (I thought that was weird but…ok!). Last but not least a breath test to confirm we did not smoke.

So, this meant we failed as hubby woke up in a bad mood that day and had a smoke before going to the hospital! Fecking marvellous. Anyway, they were really good and said for him to go away and quit – then come back again in 8 weeks. Yes, 8 weeks! Another 2 months wasted 😦 On top of that they confirmed the waiting list was more like 6 months than 4. Fan…bloody…tastic.

Needless to say I’m a bit frustrated by the whole thing now. I feel my patience wearing thinner and thinner. I need to get a grip!

Anyway…..I now have to wait until 7 April for hubby to go back and pass the breath test (& he better this time or I’lol explode!). He’s started on Champix (again) from the docs to help him quit, so hopefully it should all be fine. 

Then we have to wait 6 months. The joys.