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Well, I’ve managed to successfully finish my first full round of Clomid! Finally. After waiting for so long.

In my last post I mentioned early signals that it was disrupting my sleep slightly. This continued for each night after I took the tablets. Last night was my first night without a tablet…..and I slept like normal.  And the disruption wasn’t bad…..just like I’d had too much redbull! So if I have to do more tablets next month, I will probably continue with taking the tablets before I go to bed as I felt no other side effects.  I don’t know if that is the reason it was easier…..but I don’t want to risk it!!

On Monday, day 6, I went for a scan.  The doctor could confirmed there were eggs….plural! Yay! Which makes it appear the medication is working. She showed me the screen.  There were definitely several in one ovary and at least one on the other. 

I have to go back on Friday for another scan to monitor the growth. That will be the real indication of how well the medication has worked.

If it does work….I’ve calculated that I should ovulate around the middle of next week……my wedding anniversary……am I reading too much into this? Could that be perfect timing?!? 

Keep your fingers crossed for me the scan shows progress!


This is day 3 of my third attempt at a cycle of Clomid!

My period arrived on Wednesday morning….all on its own! Well done ovaries!  Arriving on a Wednesday meant I was able to call through to the hospital….have the phone answered….and get a scan booked!! Hallelujah!

So I decided to use the same tactics I have mentioned before – in that I am taking the tablets at night before I go to bed, rather than in the morning.  I don’t know whether that tactic has worked….or whether I am just someone who doesn’t have much of an ’emotional’ reaction with this drug.  After reading all the horror stories….I was really worried I was going to go off the rails!!

So, 3 days in, I’ve not noticed any differences in my moods, behaviours, emotions or thought processes.  I’ve not noticed anything unusual with my body temperature.  But…..1 thing I have noticed.  It could be complete coincidence, or it might be related….. I am currently writing this post sitting in my living room listening to the sound of my husband snoring away in bed.  It was the same last night…..and this NEVER happens…..I am always the one to go to bed first!  For me to go to bed after my husband 2 nights in a row… has made me wonder.  I don’t feel particularly tired, and still got up at the normal time.  So if this medication has done anything… does seem to have disrupted my sleeping patterns.  I’ll keep an eye on this and report back!!

At least it seems like I’ll get the chance to go through an entire cycle this time round!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

On Tuesday 11 August, I went back to see the consultant for another follow up appointment.

She said “I can see you’ve done the X-ray test, good. But you haven’t done a cycle of Clomid??”

Hmmmm. I went into the explanation of why.  She wasn’t impressed either.  She said I could book my scan for any day up to day 9 or 10 as she has already scanned me in the past.  If only I had known that when calling (if they actually answer the phone!).

She has now also given me a prescription to start my period, so I don’t have to wait months for my next period.  She said if I don’t come on by this weekend (which is when I should be due all being normal) then to take these tablets.  I can’t read the doctors handwriting to tell you what they are called.  I’ll update on that when/if I collect the prescription…

But I want to know…..if these have always been available….why the hell haven’t they given them to me before???? Grrrr. I’ve had to wait months and months longer than necessary for no reason!!

Will I ever leave that office with a positive thought??  This whole process has been the most frustrating thing I have ever experienced.  

And all the while, time is ticking and I am not getting any younger…!