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Today was the final scan of my ‘cycle monitoring’. It was also today I realised that things may take longer than expected.

But let me backtrack slightly.

This week saw me fall ill and my husband have a wobble. Wobbles aren’t exclusive to us girlies you know!! His main concern was our living arrangements. If I’ve not mentioned it before, we live with my parents. It’s ok….I know what you’re thinking, but they have a big house. So we have our own bedroom, living room and bathroom. We basically just share a kitchen. Anyway….the concern was….’it’s not ideal….we should get our own place’.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree. BUT…we also dream of building a house in Cyprus and living there permanently. If we moved out now – either moving back into our house we rent out, buying again or renting – that dream will fly out of the window. I’m not prepared to give that out. And after talking it through, neither is he! Wobble resolved!!

Then I managed to catch a stinking cold. Snivels….the most attractive thing in a woman….and such a turn on!!! Hmmmmm!!

So back to today. The scan confirmed I had ovulated, no baby though. I’m not surprised at that. The doctor also didn’t seem surprised and noted that she thought my womb lining was a little thin. I was then sent for a blood test to test my progesterone levels.

She also changed her story about some of the things she had told me before……so confusing! I was told to make an appointment for a ‘follow up appointment’. This is apparently with the main doctor (which she apparently isn’t). The waiting list for that is much longer, so my appointment is on 21 April!! More than 2 months away. I will not be starting on Clomiphene until told to, and that might be at that appointment or later. I am not to go on it before then.

In the meantime I have to do the x-Ray test (I’ve completely forgotten the technical name for it!) and another blood test (all as soon as possible when I start my next period).

In reality, if I have ovulated this week, at least I know that should happen in the next week or so.

Maybe something will happen at some point this year!!


I debated on whether or not to write a post right now or whether to wait until tomorrow when my head had calmed down. But I decided to write it now….so this may come across as jumbled!

This week I scared myself! I am part of a group on Facebook for fellow PCOS sufferers. I posted on there a question about how many in the group had suffered any of the side effects of Clomiphene/Clomid…..and which ones.

Practically everyone who responded said they suffered hot flushes and severe mood swings and emotional roller coasters. Hmmmm…great! Like I need any help on the mood swings! I’m generally a cold person….so maybe a hot flush will be a good thing?!? What am I letting myself in for?!

I went into my scan today with the expectation that no eggs had grown and that I needed to clarify some points around when to start the Clomiphene. I had the prescription with me as well so I could go to the pharmacy to collect it (as I actually read the paperwork properly and discovered I could only get it from the hospital pharmacy and not any chemist).

There I was babbling away to the doctor – who’s head I have already seen between my legs too often! – when she spots an egg…..fully formed and almost ready to ovulate.

WTF!! She admitted that I was having a longer cycle than would be normal, but there an egg was…..formed and ready. Excuse me????…..rewind……
‘It’s excellent news’ she said, ‘go have intercourse’. Obviously I didn’t take her to her word literally and jump on my husband….I had to go back to work!!

But now….my mind is in a whirl. I’m angry which is a weird emotion I know….but it just reaffirmed my belief that I’ve been totally let down by my GP. As soon as I was told I didn’t ovulate, we relaxed the whole forced sex cycle….any of you who are trying to conceive will know what I mean. Period math and perform on demand kind of takes the enjoyment out of things! So when we could go back to normal….’when the mood takes you sex’….. life was a lot more relaxed. BUT…had I known that I was ovulating….things would have been different. How much time had we lost out on??? Months….years??? I could have had a baby by now potentially.

And my head…..well…..that is all over the place now. I was/am totally psyched up for the long haul on this. I was expecting to go…confirm no eggs….take the tablets for 3-6 months and have them not work….and move onto IVF. Whilst I hoped all along things would work….I braced myself for the worst. To then get the glimmer of hope now that I could conceive naturally, I can’t quite take it in.

So, this evening has been a whirl….one minute I’m excited, the next I want to burst into tears. I’m not going to even let myself hope that this time next week I could be pregnant…the scan I’ve got booked will confirm nothing has happened and I’ll be told to take the Clomiphene to be sure I ovulate again next month…..

Yesterday, I thought I’d get ahead of the game. I thought I’d go collect my prescription for the Clomiphene so it was one less thing to do when I come on…..

The prescription itself was in a different style to what the normal GP gives out….but I thought…..’the pharmacist will recognise it and give me the prescription’. BUT….I then read it properly….where it clearly states I have to go to the hospital pharmacy only!! Doh! So much for my good intentions.

This, amongst the other things I’ve got to do, makes me wish I had taken a little note pad with me to my first appointment. You try to remember everything and end up remembering nothing!

So now, on Monday at my next scan, I feel like I’m going to have to quiz the doctor and confirm everything she told me all over again!!

I have a bad memory at the best of times… from now on I’m going to write things down!! Then all I have to remember is to read what I write!!

Yesterday I went for my second internal scan. Just in case you were in any doubt….they use these bad boys…..

Enough said on that.

The scan confirmed my eggs have not developed at all in the last week… it looks like I’ll be put on the Clomiphene. I’ve been booked in for another scan on Monday.

I actually took the time to read through the information they placed in my folder too! That helps!! Inside was some information about Clomiphene. It is also known as Clomid… I have heard of it!

The information on it says:
Clomiphene has been used for over 20 years for the treatment of infertility. It causes the pituitary gland to send an increased amount of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and lute ionising hormone (LH) to the ovary to stimulate ovulation, increase progesterone secretion during the second half of the cycle and make menstrual cycle lengths more predictable.

Side effects could include: hot flushes, mild blurring of vision, mood changes, ovulation pain, ovarian cysts and twins!

The other information provided was around the x-Ray test I have to do….it is actually called a Hysterosalpingogram. This test will look at the inside of the womb and the Fallopian tubes. Dye is injected into the cervix via a tube and flows out to, and hopefully through, the Fallopian tubes. From this they can see if there are any abnormalities or blocks present.

The difficulty now is that everything needs to happen early at the start of a cycle. So on the first day of my next period I need to go for a blood test (the one I have to pay for) and call the x-Ray department and book an appointment for the Hysterosalpingogram. If the x-Ray department cannot fit me in within the first 10 days of my cycle, on day 2 of my cycle, I start the Clomiphene. If I can get an appointment, I have to wait until the next cycle before starting the Clomiphene. Getting my head round all that took a while!

I didn’t realise at the beginning quite how close all the monitoring was going to be. I am lucky, the hospital I need to go to is within walking distance from work….and so far I’ve been able to book appointments during my lunch hour. But, if this wasn’t the case….I’d be taking a lot of time off work. Something to bear in mind for any one else about to embark on this process.

With all these different aspects to monitor…it has made me panic I’m going to do something on the wrong day or forget an important test! I just don’t want any delays to be as a result of my actions….or non-action! (If that is even a word!). Everything is being broken down into bite size chunks though….so waiting 6 days for the next step is so much easier to cope with than the 6 months I had to wait for the appointment!!