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Crazy lady is officially here.

The two week wait (2WW) is incredibly hard and its only been 3 days!  Over analysing everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.  Every tiny twinge in the belly, every small ache in my back, every time I need to go to the loo.  I switch constantly between, ‘is this it happening (meaning implantation)?’ or ‘these are period symptoms, I bet I come on shortly and it will all be over’.

I’ve not been back into the office since transfer day either.  Maybe when I go back in on Monday, that will help take my mind off things.   I hope so!

Just a few updates though:

I have stopped:

  • Taking my multivitamins. I realised late in this process that the multivitamins I was taking have Vitamin A and so are not recommended for those pregnant or trying to become pregnant.  Right now that is at least one less pill to take!
  • Drinking as much Coke.  I actually went to the trouble of googling how much caffeine there was in a can of Coke Zero and the amount a pregnant woman is allowed.  There is a lot less in Coke Zero than I realised – but I have cut down drastically on how much I was drinking.  And that’s been through choice a lot of the time – I’ve just not fancied it as much.

I have continued:

  • Taking my Progynova tablets – one, three times a day;
  • Using the Cylogest Progesterone Pessaries;
  • Taking my folic acid supplements;
  • Eating a balanced diet, although being a little more careful.  Missing prawns already!

I have started:

  • Taking naps!  A quick afternoon snooze.  I am not reading into this too much.  It is more likely to be from the progesterone than pregnancy;
  • Being obsessed with You tube videos of how implantation works. Watching them wondering whether either of our little beans have stuck and survived.

8 more days to go until this misery is over one way or another!


Because it’s a busy time of year, I feel like this waiting game is a bit easier.  I am also glad that my body feels somewhat back to normal…..whatever that means.  No drugs, no bloatedness, just me.

My last period was apparently what they call a withdrawal period…..or something like that. My memory is a bit fuzzy. So that, alongside my slight OHSS means I’ve had to wait another cycle.  The period itself was normal. I think I mentioned I was expecting a heavy and unpleasant experience…..but that wasn’t the case. Phew!

I did the math….and if my cycle is 28 days…..I am due on on Christmas Eve. Come on! Seriously! So now, bizarrely, I am hoping I do have a longer cycle to get me out of the holiday season. If not…..I’ll then likely have to wait another month on top! It’s is going to be soooooooo annoying if I end up coming on on time this one and only month!

I am glad it is Christmas though. Keeping busy means it’s creeping round very quickly. 

I hope you all enjoy this festive season x

So the last time I posted was just before our holiday.  Which was lovely by the way 🙂 Some winter sun was rejuvenating!

The day before we flew out, on 15 Jan, the doc confirmed she was going to refer us for IVF.  True to her word, she did. A few days after we got back from holiday, I received a phone call asking us to go in. At this meeting they would assess whether we qualify for a round of IVF for free.

We went along on 7 Feb (I think). We had to take our passports along and sign some paperwork for us and the docs to confirm they had no concerns about us and that we wouldn’t put a child at risk (I thought that was weird but…ok!). Last but not least a breath test to confirm we did not smoke.

So, this meant we failed as hubby woke up in a bad mood that day and had a smoke before going to the hospital! Fecking marvellous. Anyway, they were really good and said for him to go away and quit – then come back again in 8 weeks. Yes, 8 weeks! Another 2 months wasted 😦 On top of that they confirmed the waiting list was more like 6 months than 4. Fan…bloody…tastic.

Needless to say I’m a bit frustrated by the whole thing now. I feel my patience wearing thinner and thinner. I need to get a grip!

Anyway…..I now have to wait until 7 April for hubby to go back and pass the breath test (& he better this time or I’lol explode!). He’s started on Champix (again) from the docs to help him quit, so hopefully it should all be fine. 

Then we have to wait 6 months. The joys.