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And there will not be a day 3. Not this month anyway.

No horror story about being on the drug…..just another let down by the NHS.

My first point is that during day 2, I didn’t suffer any side effects.  I didn’t feel overly emotional, no break downs, no break outs, no light headedness etc.  At least that was a good thing!

Today I called to make an appointment for a scan. I didn’t know when I needed my first one, but the doctor said before; ‘start taking the Clomid, then call so we can scan you regularly through the the month’.  But…..that’s not correct….surprise surprise.  The first scan MUST be between day 2 and 5 of your period.  Tomorrow is day 5 and they have no appointments to squeeze me in.  So now I’ve been told categorically, stop taking the medication because I cannot be monitored and wait until my next cycle.  The lady I spoke to on the phone also said not to start taking Clomid unless I have a scan confirmed.  So, if any of you are about to start on this medication too…..BOOK YOUR SCAN.

Why the f*** didn’t they tell me that from the start?!? Throughout this process….as far as I am concerned I am a puppet.  They tell me what to do and I will follow it to the letter.  How am I supposed to do that if they don’t tell me???

So after waiting months just to start the medication and finally get on the road to somewhere…..I now have to wait even longer.  September will mark 8 years from when we came off the pill and hoped for the best. Will this ever happen?

I feel so let down by all the doctors that have been on my journey so far.  Gutted.


My last post was after the thrilling experience of the HCG. The plan was then on my next cycle…to start my first round of Clomid.  So, typically, I had to wait 7 weeks until my next period started!  Wait wait wait!

I’be done lots of research on Clomid…..checking out all the (horror) stories on the internet from others that have been on it before.  No doubt, any of you reading this post are in the same position!

As a result of reading these stories, I think it is safe to say I am a little scared I am going to turn into a quivering wreck! But I have tried to take some tips from the stories though, to try and minimise any ‘issues’.

My first action was to sit my husband down and warn him:   

Me: “I’m starting to take these pills……from what I’ve read, it may make me a little crazy…”

Him: “Ok babe, are you sure you should go out now then….can you drive safely?”

Me: “No babe, not that kind of crazy…..more emotional & that malarkey”

Him: “Shit….should I move out for a week??”

Haha. Bless him…..I went on to wish him luck!!! I’ve also made the decision to take the pills early evening, hoping that the brunt of the ‘reaction’ should happen while in my sleep, and then it’s people at work that may suffer, rather than my husband!!

So……day 1 is nearly finished.  24 hours ago I took my first 2 pills.  And touch wood… far so good!  I can’t say I have suffered too much so far.  My only 2 things have been…….1) really weird dreams last night….I don’t normally remember my dreams, but last night the one thing I remember is feeling really really drunk after only drinking 1 beer……I have now decided not to risk alcohol this week while taking the pills! And 2) odd spells of feeling a little lightheaded….nothing to interrupt my day….and in all honesty I am not sure if I really was experiencing the symptom or whether I am over analysing everything to ascertain if I am reacting to the tablets!!!

I will be calling the fertility clinic tomorrow as I now need to have regular scans to monitor progress.

4 days left on these pills to go!