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I realised I’ve not posted anything in 21 days! Oops.

But in reality, it is because absolutely nothing has happened.

The day my period started, I started to play the roulette game of calling the hospital to make an appointment for a scan. Ridiculous as it sounds, that is always the hardest thing of this process.  They never answer their b*****y phones! 

Eventually I got through 3 days later. Only to discover the doctor would be on annual leave…..and apparently there was no one available to cover. Great.

But…..I’d already started on the Clomid.  So, although it was a risk without being monitored….I though “Sod it”. This was my 6th cycle on Clomid and it was only the first month the saw me producing more than 1 egg. So I thought the risks were pretty low.  However, no appointment meant no prescription for the same injection I’ve had the last 2 months.  But I carried on with the last lot of my oestrogen and progesterone tablets from the same time as before.

It’s actually been quite nice to have a break from hospital appointments. Even though I’ve been at work most of the way through the Christmas break……having time off from there has been a different, but welcome break.

I may have mentioned before, but I have a follow up appointment on 15 Jan.  It is at this the doctor confirmed she will refer me for IVF if I haven’t fallen pregnant.  I know I’m not due on for another week, but I don’t feel anything different – so am not holding my breath that this month was a success.

The day after my appointment we fly off on holiday. I think we’ll need it as we prepare for the 4 month wait for IVF 😳.

I’m also starting to think about adoption and trying to prepare my mind for the fact I may never know what it feels like to be pregnant, not to feel that bubba growing inside me, not to feel this alien movement of my unborn child in my belly. I so need this holiday!


This morning, my period arrived 😦

Tomorrow I start on the next round of Clomid. Again. And I realised I’ve lost count of how many months I’ve been on it. I’m not even sure I can describe how that feels right now. 

I have an appointment on 15 Jan for a follow up. The doc confirmed it is at that appointment she’ll refer me for IVF. Even she seems to have given up on this happening naturally.

Damn you fertility problems.