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When the HSG appointment confirmation came through, it came with some information about what to expect on the day…..things like, it should take approximately 15 minutes and the general principle of what will happen – some dye will be injected to identify blockages (basically).

So for those of you that might have to go through it….here is my version of what happened and what you might need to take into consideration.

When I arrived at the hospital, my first port of call was the toilet.  Whenever I had scans done, they always told me to ensure my bladder was empty – and knowing this procedure was likely to be a tad uncomfortable, I thought it wise to do so again. Bad idea! Once I got called in, the first thing they did was to take me into the toilet and they wanted a urine sample to do a pregnancy test! Errrr….give me a minute then please!! So if you are going for this test…keep that in mind!

I then got told to strip completely naked and put on a hospital gown – no underwear or anything – so again, bear that in mind.  There is no point making sure you are wearing a dress or skirt you can just lift up like having a smear test – it makes no difference!

When I was taken into the actual X-ray room, the first thing they did was ask me to sign a piece of paper to confirm I wasn’t pregnant…….hold on…..wasn’t this what you took a urine sample for?? After I signed it, they then confirmed the test was negative! Der!  My other concern was that the assistant was a man….it totally threw me as up until now, it’s always been women doing these tests or helping.  It wasn’t an issue anyway (and no he didn’t stay directly in the room) but was still something that surprised me.

I digress….and while I have….hospital gowns…..I’ve never been a patient in a hospital before so never had to wear one…..but they are a lot warmer than I realised!! Plus being in a relatively embarrassing position meant I was warmer than normal anyway.

Back to the test! On the table, on my back, feet together as close to my bottom as possible, knees apart (like a smear test – and no, this is not a comfortable position!). First thing – the speculum is inserted and then opened to allow access to the womb.  For me this is incredibly uncomfortable…on the verge of painful.  

Then, after that, a catheter was inserted with a small balloon at the end.  Once in, they inflate the balloon.  Arrghhhh….this was painful. I panicked….they said it was going to take 15 minutes….how am I going to last that long like this?!? 

Then, the dye was injected. Just as she started doing that, I was told…’you might experience some pain in a similar way to a normal period pain’.  2 seconds later it hit, and hard. With it came other symptoms I usually get with my period like pain in my lower back and heat.  Instant sweats!  Did someone turn the heating up?? There is no way I am going to last 15 minutes like this!! Crap crap crap…aarghhhh. 

But….literally a minute later…’right that’s it all done’. Excuse me? A few seconds after that the period pain dissipates and stops altogether.  She then removes the catheter and then…sweet relief….the speculum (women’s sworn enemy!). Ooooohhh, the 15 minutes was for the whole appointment from start to finish! Phew!

As I clambered off the table, I was offered a rather large, NHS sanitary towel. ‘Doing this test will make your body think you are having a period so you might need this’. Thankfully I had some better slimline ones in my bag, so I left the chunky one behind! So advice for others….take a panty liner as a minimum….if not a sanitary towel….and wear full knickers….it’s difficult wearing a towel with a thong!

The next day….literally about 24 hours later, I felt some slight discomfort in a similar way to a period…but this wore off pretty quickly.  I needed a panty liner for about 3 days afterwards as well. I think everyone is different, but that was what happened for me.

And the results…..the information sent through said they would be available in 2 weeks, but they were able to tell me there and then.  While I was lying on the table, they swivelled the screen monitor round and confirmed my tubes are clear and there are no problems.  I was amazed how tiny my womb was….to see how it starts that small and grows as the baby grows….the body is truly an amazing thing!

So for me, that means when I next come on, I start my first course of Clomid.  The tablets are in my drawer waiting…..we just need mother nature to pay me a visit now…!


I discovered this week, that those in the know call the Hysterosalpingogram an HSG for short!! Makes sense….why did I not cotton onto this sooner!!! Derrrr!

Last weekend was a bank holiday….so guess what…that’s right….I came on. Right at the beginning of the weekend!  I was so worried that the hospital would struggle to fit me in for an HSG again!!

Tuesday came around, so the only thing I wanted to do was call the hospital as early as possible. But……I lost my voice with a cold! I mean….come on!!! Luckily, at work, another girl has gone through the process so I asked her to call for me….and they could fit me in!! 

The appointment is on Monday and I find the results out straight away apparently.  Fingers crossed my tubes are given the all clear!