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I woke up this morning full of hope. Optimistic, happy, ready.

One, make that two phone calls later, I felt like I dropped 100ft.

At the beginning of December, after my last ‘withdrawal’ period, I was told to wait for my next cycle. Great, that made me due on Christmas Eve. How’s my luck. Speaking to the nurse at the fertility clinic, she said not to worry. Bank holidays permitting, I should be able to get scanned in between.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day came and went with no sign of Aunt Flo. All working in my favour I thought.

Then last night my period arrived! Perfect! 3 working days ahead which means I’m sure to get a scan……here we go!

My hopes were dashed after calling the clinic to be told all the doctors are on annual leave and not back before 3 Jan. That puts me on day 8 (I think). Too late. I need to be scanned between days 2 and 5.

In a desperate attempt I then contacted the clinic in London where I will have the transfer. Can I get scanned there? I’ll pay? No.

So now I have to wait another month (if my cycle sticks to time) just because of frigging Christmas and New Year. I haven’t felt this deflated and bah humbugy in a long time. 

I hate feeling like this. I’ll pick my self up as the days go on, but for today, I’m so low.

Regardless, I hope all of you enjoyed your Christmas break and I wish you all a happy new year. I am hoping to enter the new year with a bit more optimism! 


Because it’s a busy time of year, I feel like this waiting game is a bit easier.  I am also glad that my body feels somewhat back to normal…..whatever that means.  No drugs, no bloatedness, just me.

My last period was apparently what they call a withdrawal period…..or something like that. My memory is a bit fuzzy. So that, alongside my slight OHSS means I’ve had to wait another cycle.  The period itself was normal. I think I mentioned I was expecting a heavy and unpleasant experience…..but that wasn’t the case. Phew!

I did the math….and if my cycle is 28 days…..I am due on on Christmas Eve. Come on! Seriously! So now, bizarrely, I am hoping I do have a longer cycle to get me out of the holiday season. If not…..I’ll then likely have to wait another month on top! It’s is going to be soooooooo annoying if I end up coming on on time this one and only month!

I am glad it is Christmas though. Keeping busy means it’s creeping round very quickly. 

I hope you all enjoy this festive season x