Angry and disappointed are my emotions right about now.

Clomid – Second Cycle – EPIC FAIL.

Typically, if my period can arrive at an inconvenient time it will, when it decides to show up at all.

After the debacle of last month, I knew not to start the tablets until I had the scan booked in.  But… period showed up on Saturday. And typically the NHS department I am dealing with is open Monday to Friday.  So that meant my first opportunity to call for a scan was Monday morning – day 3. So if they couldn’t fit me in by Wednesday it was game over for another month.

According to the letters I had, lines opened from 8.30am. I tried calling… answer.  Long story short – I didn’t get through ALL day.  Hang up, redial, hang up, redial. At every opportunity through the day whilst at work.  It either rang out or was engaged.  By 5pm I knew there was no hope and I knew even if I got through on Tuesday they wouldn’t be able to fit me that day or the next.

So yet again….another month wasted.

I have an appointment booked for 11 August for a follow up with the consultant where we should be going through the results of 2 cycles of Clomid. 

I’ve had enough of this bulls**t. I’m going to have a frank conversation with them and try and go straight to IVF.  I’m not getting any younger and in about 8 weeks time, we will be approaching the 8 year anniversary of coming off the pill and trying.