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I needed a distraction.  I’ve found out the last few weeks that a few friends are pregnant.  Everywhere I go there seem to be pregnant ladies.  I need something to take my mind away from babies!

So, I’ve been taking a few little trips.  Nothing major – just either for the day or for one overnight, but a change of scenery to lift my mood!

First I went North….



I stayed in this quaint little hotel with a fabulous pool!  And for a bargain.


The bright sunshine was enough to lift anyone’s mood!

Later on in the week I headed South…..I combined it with a work visit, so it meant I didn’t pay for it either!  Its all the more enjoyable when its free!



We have some wonderful sights in this country, but I have to confess I spend most of the time wishing to be somewhere else!  When I go on holiday, I always explore…taking in the sights and seeing as much as possible.  Yet there is so much in the UK that I haven’t seen!  Its time to change that and make more of an effort to see the country I live in!

Keeping busy is helping.  And for a few hours on those days, I do forget (almost) about whats going on (or not as the case may be).

One day hopefully I’ll be able to revisit some of these places with my child……

I’m not giving up hope yet!




Its not really a secret that the UK is not having the best of summers!

However, it does appear that the Olympics were a lucky charm around the opening & closing ceremonies!

So last weekend I took advantage. I abandoned any notion of housework and took myself off to the garden with my book….

I love the garden!


And got my Olympic painted toes out to catch some colour!

The sunshine really rejuvenates the soul. I was so content over that weekend and truly relaxed. I really need to get my arse into gear & move to a country where the sun shines a lot more!!!

Here is to hoping we squeeze a few more sunny days in before Autumn comes!