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I went for a scan today.

After the spotting last week (thankfully only for 4 days), and my own sense of disbelief, the scan finally proved it to me today. I am pregnant.

There was one sticky bean out of the two…..and my husband is more than a little relieved about that!!  The image was obviously very small but you could see the heartbeat flickering away.

I go back for another scan next week. 

I feel so lucky that at such an early stage, I already have two pictures of this munchkin. Not everyone can say they have a picture of themselves as a small embryo! 

So now he/she just needs to hold on tight. Fingers crossed.


Despite these sticks showing clear positives over 3 different days, I still cannot believe that this means there is a little bubba growing inside of me.  After reading so many stories on the Internet, I just keep thinking these are false positives. 

I have a scan a week tomorrow. If I see something on the screen, then I might finally believe it.

I’m doing everything I should be though. I am still taking my Progynova 3 times a day and the Progesterone pessaries twice a day.  I seem to have alarms going off left right and centre to remind me! I am also taking vitamins for pregnant ladies.  I’ve also stopped drinking which has resulted in a few raised eyebrows from close family. Being the Greek Orthadox Easter this weekend has really made it difficult! I may have to cave and tell the family ahead of the scan.

Just in case this is real, I have also downloaded a pregnancy app on my phone, have started taking sideways photos to create a time lapse video should I get to full term and I have started moisturising my whole body twice a day to try and help reduce or prevent any stretch marks.

Symptom wise…..well this is the bit that concerns me…..I seem to be severely lacking. I found an online calculator for IVF due dates, and according to that, should there be 1 bubba, I would be due on 15 December. If it is twins it would be earlier. Anyway – that basically puts me at 5 weeks along. More often than not, I have a feeling in my belly that is a cross between period pain and trapped wind. Some days I feel bloated, others I’m not. I feel thirst permanently and my feet, hands and lips feel permanently dry. Even with moisturising twice a day, I am going through ALOT of hand cream too!  With all of these though, I feel like these could be side effects of the medication and not a clear indication of a sticky bean.

Everyone refers to the killer 2WW, but I know feel like I am in that all over again until my scan to know for sure. This process is not for the faint hearted. 

Today’s scan confirmed one egg was released and my lining is looking much thicker than it’s ever been.

I also had another blood test to see whether the progesterone tablets have been working.

Now we wait another week. 

I’m not holding my breath this will work…..but I hope it does….eventually. After celebrating my birthday last week…..I’m becoming more and more conscious of my age. I don’t want to be so old that I’m a really high risk.  I already fall into that category with my PCOS, I don’t want to add more complications than necessary. And I know I’ve got to take what I can get, but my wish list has more than one child on it. If we ever manage to conceive…..if it takes too long….I may not be able to have more than one.

Well let’s hope the ball starts rolling and number one can happen soon.

Today I was scanned…..being a week after ovulation.

It confirmed that this month I released one egg. Yay! But……why do I feel disappointed? Merely because last month there was 2! More than one egg to me spells more than one chance of falling pregnant….silly I know.  A weird way to look at it. Maybe that’s just me.

However, the doctor said again that my lining was thinner than she would like and the blood test I had last month showed my progesterone levels to be low.  So, off I was sent to have another blood test (and this one hurt!)

The plan now, is, if I don’t fall pregnant with this cycle….and I’ll know by this time next week!……I will likely get given oestrogen. She mentioned tablets….but also said I might have to have an injection. *sad face*

I learnt from my lesson before though, so I booked the scan appointment for next month just in case.  If I need to cancel it, then happy days, but at least I won’t have the trauma of no-one answering the phone for days on end!

The wait is now on for next week. Will Mother Nature visit?