So round 2 of Clomid is done.  I should have re-read my previous posts, because I’d forgotten about the trouble sleeping….but as last time, as soon as I finished the tablets, my sleeping went back to normal.

Because I had already had 1 ‘successful’ round of Clomid, the doctor told me to wait until day 10 for my next scan. However, it would help if the hospital answered the telephone to book an appointment. I rang and rang and rang.  I was letting the phone ring out until it cut off – giving up before I did!  

So on day 10, I was working close to the hospital, so went in on my lunch break.  All they could tell me was they were short staffed! Anyway, they couldn’t fit in a quick scan, so I just booked one for a week after ovulation. That was what I had been told to do last month. 

The medication does seem to be keeping me on the right path time wise.  My period arrived exactly 28 days after the start of my first one. And yesterday, I tested positive with the ovulation test – bang on 14 days.  I could get used to this knowing when things happen malarkey!  So I seem to be following the same trend as last month, although I don’t know exactly how many eggs have matured to be released. 

I’ve been paying particular attention the last few days as well, to any twinges I’ve felt. It appears the pain I felt last month was either a one off or something unrelated as this time round, bar a few pangs, have experienced no pain through ovulation.

But knowing dates mean you know when you need to get jiggy with it.  Many of you will know this if you’ve tried to get pregnant….but you say bye bye to being spontaneous and where sex is fun, to it being a chore and having to ‘negotiate’ schedules. I chuckled to myself last night as my husband and I were discussing it yesterday….’not tonight, but I can squeeze you in here….’

So here we go again….lets see if we get lucky this month!