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I say a week, its been 5 days now, so just shy of a week.

So I’ve been injecting Suprecur (50 units) once a day now.  I am glad that has reduced down, but my belly is feeling more tender now.  Initially the injections didn’t hurt, but now it seems to be that little bit more painful each time.  I’ll be glad to see the back of them!

The progynova is a small tablet – similar to the ones I used to take when on the contraceptive pill.  Nice and easy to swallow.  I need to take one 3 times a day.  But I have a shocking memory – so this is proving quite difficult for me!  I now have alarms set for everything as I simply don’t remember anything anymore.  This is not a side effect of any medication – more a side effect of being in my family.  We are all like it – I am sure it is inherited!!

Side effects – well – I can tell the progynova is a hormone treatment.  I am just hoping it is helping to thicken my lining as it is supposed to – making the rest all worth it.

Compared to all the other medications – it is this that has sent me a little crazy.  Mood swings – not quite, but boy has it made my emotions be all over the place!! Definitely feel like I am yo-yoing.  It is hard work for me – never mind my hubby/family around me.  Sorry peeps!

One other thing I have noticed is my psoraisis.  I struggle with it at times anyway – normally stress related, and it has recently flared up in more places than usual.  I am not sure if that is because of having a new bathroom fitted and being stressed about that (but I don’t feel stressed) or whether it is linked to the medication.  I’ll be monitoring that one!

Five more days to go until my next scan.  I hope my lining is as thick as it needs to be so I can book in the FET!  Eeeeek!  Nerves are kicking in now!




It’s been just over a week since I started injecting Suprecur. 50 units twice a day, 12 hours apart.

To sum up how its been so far…….Tired, thirsty and hungry.

Tired – I’m not sure if that was related to a particularly hectic week seeing me travelling a lot around the country for work.  But I have felt drained.  My sleep has also been a little disturbed waking up feeling particularly hot and thirsty.

Thirsty – not just in the middle of the night as I’ve just mentioned, but all the time!  I am a self confessed Coke addict (Coca Cola that is….!) but the fizz hasn’t been doing it for me and I’ve been wanting, needing and drinking more squash (as I hate drinking water on its own!).  I quickly notice if I don’t drink enough I start getting a headache – feeling dehydrated and the headache always disappears once I have had a drink.

Hungry – I’ve been wanting to eat more this last week.  Again I don’t know whether that is attributed to a busy week or the medication.  But I am getting paranoid about putting on too much weight.  I have also tried to to eat healthier – so I have been buying a lot more fruit and making myself fruit salads to nibble on (although I will admit some chocolate has snuck through the net!).

The odd injection (literally one or two) have also left me with a slight bruise.  Not sure what I did wrong there, but it does make my pin cushion belly look less appealing than normal!

For anyone else that is on this I will also add one more tip – avoid travel that leaves your timings tight!  It just causes unnecessary stress that you don’t need.  And I quickly discovered public toilets are disgusting.  On one day I was about 40 mins late with my injection because I just could not bring myself to inject myself in a dirty toilet.  Totally unsanitary.  Awful.  So this coming week I have tried to ensure my diary means I get home from work in plenty of time.

So, onwards for another week until my scan. I hope my body has reacted as it is supposed to!


Aunt Flo arrived this morning!  Only a few days beyond the 28 days.  That’s a shocker!

So, this means I will start Suprecur tonight.

Taking these injections every 12 hours will have its limitations.  I tend to be a homely person anyway, but the invites of going places seem to come along like buses.  I don’t get invited anywhere for ages and then suddenly they all come at once!  We were invited to go to Cornwall (a 5 hour drive from here in London) this weekend to see some friends, but I said that doing so would mean I would need to take enough injections with me – ‘just in  case’ I came on. And then we’d need to make sure we could get back to our friend’s house at appropriate times (call me weird but I don’t fancy injecting myself in a public toilet in a pub somewhere! – plus I need a sharps bin).  So, we declined.  I actually think hubby was a little relieved to not have to do so much travelling this weekend with a bad back!

Then this evening I was invited at the last minute to a friend’s house.  An impromptu get together – always the best kind.  But for my first injection – I didn’t really want to be round someone’s house in their bathroom hiding away.

Tomorrow I have to travel to Wales for a business meeting.  At least I know I can be in my own hotel room for the injections which will make it a bit easier.  Still not ideal but never mind!

Anyway – back to the topic at hand – I’ll start the injections tonight.  I’ve chosen to do them at 8 o’clock as that will work for me both in the morning and evening most days when I am at work as usual.  A fellow blogger also kindly advised me to keep hydrated and drink lots while taking these – and so I fully intend to follow that advice!

Suddenly we are another step closer to the FET!


Sadly, not as exciting as the title sounds! Not recreational drugs, but these bad boys ready for the start of my cycle.

The Suprecur, which is the Buserelin I will have to inject twice a day and then the estradiol valorate tablets. I already have plenty of progesterone pessaries, so I didn’t need any more of those.

I wonder whether next week will be the start…..time will tell.

After my appointment this morning, this is what the doctors have decided for me. Having my Frozen Embryo Transfer on a Hormone Replacement Therapy.

This means, day 1 of my cycle is when I start Buserelin injections. I have to inject myself twice a day, 12 hours apart.  2 weeks after that I’ll have a scan to confirm that I have ‘down regulated’ (basically my ovaries have shut down). As long as the medication has worked, then I will start taking Oestradiol Valorate (oral tablets) 3 times a day while still continuing with the injections.  2 weeks after that I will then be scanned again to check that my lining is at least 8mm thick. If all looks good, I stop the injections, continue the Oestradiol Valorate and start using the progesterone pessaries (those bad boys again! Ergh!).  At that point I’ll be booked in for the actual transfer within 3 to 7 days.

So all in all, that process will be 5 weeks at most. I am ‘due’ to start my cycle in 2 weeks. Whilst I doubt my body will work to time…..this means in 7 weeks time I could be having the transfer.  In 9 weeks then testing to see if it worked.  This makes it seem much more real now….I so hope this works, but am trying to be realistic that it might not.  We may not be lucky enough to have a sticky bean…..or problems could happen during the thaw out.

Because of my age, they have agreed to try transferring 2 embryos. If neither of these work, I’ll do future attempts one at a time I think. I only have 5, so I feel like I have to be tactical to maximise chances of a successful bubba.

In other news, I didn’t get the job I went for last week. But I got really positive feedback from the guy that interviewed me, so that has helped me boost my confidence to go for others when they arise. 

So it’s been a good week. Hopefully there will be more to come!


The plan had initially been, start the IVF treatment around the 13th October.  That was based on the last few months cycles – they had been, miraculously, between 4 and 5 weeks.  In reality – 10th October was the 28 day date – when most ‘normal’ people would be due on.  Working to plan this would mean we would go through the process and be taking a pregnancy test around mid November.

Needless to say, my body decided it didn’t want to co-operate.  Last Wednesday I spoke with the clinic and they ordered all the medication for the process.  They also confirmed that they would then consider inducing my period with medication if it didn’t arrive soon.

So Saturday, this lot was delivered.  I expected a lot, but it still seemed to be so much!

Then on Sunday, my period arrived without medication.  Finally.  I literally thought to myself ‘About bloody time!’.  This meant that Monday I had my day 2 scan and told to start the course.  The doctor confirmed the scan looked normal with my left ovary looking more poly-cystic than the right.  As I walked home from the hospital – it all suddenly became very real.  Its all very over whelming.  Almost a panic.

That evening I started my injections of Gonal-f. 150 units every night.  I’ve been told to do it at roughly that same time every day – so 7.30pm is my time.  I take the injection and my folic acid tablets together. So far, I’ve not felt any different.  No emotional roller-coaster (yet) and no bloating (yet).  But I have felt incredibly thirsty the last few days and I can’t be sure if that is because of the medication or psychological.  The clinic told me to ensure I drank lots because the body will need extra fluid to support the growth of multiple eggs – so knowing this, I don’t know if it is a real feeling or not.  But either way, I am making sure I am drinking a lot more than normal to be sure.

On Friday I have my day 6 scan – all to schedule with the one they gave me.  I should also be having a blood test the same day.  Looking through the schedule they gave me, I calculated that the eggs should be collected on 14th November.  I wonder whether that will all go to plan.

For the last 9 years, everything seems to have been plodding along at a slow slow pace that frustrated the hell out of me.  Now I feel that I am in full on sprint mode and I am bricking it.  I feel absolutely petrified all of sudden.  Scared it will work, scared it won’t work.  Just scared full stop.  Deep breaths and take one day at a time.  That’s all I can do now.




After getting top of the waiting list, we had our first IVF appointment on Thursday.  It was an information appointment to talk us through the IVF process, what to expect and what would be expected of us.

I was given ALOT of written information to read through! Plus I was armed with a deluge of consent forms to complete.

To start, I am going to be undertaking an IVF Antagonist Cycle. This is a shortened cycle of IVF because of my PCOS. How they explained it was; a normal treatment would involve 2 weeks of medication to shut the ovaries down, followed by 2 weeks of medication to kick start the engine to harvest eggs.  However, PCOS sufferers (if that is even a word) are highly susceptible to Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS). This is where, as a result of the treatment more than 20 follicles might develop leading to problems further down the line.  Therefore, the Antagonist Cycle skips the shut down 2 weeks and involves very close monitoring in the 2 weeks medication before harvesting the eggs.

The process will be:

Before starting the treatment:

  •  Drugs – these will all be ordered and delivered all together to my house;
  • Trial Embryo Transfer – a test run to make sure my cervix is at the right angle and to know all will go ok on the day;
  • Sperm Test – another one is needed because the last one was nearly 2 years ago;
  • Day 2-5 LH and FSH blood tests. An internal scan is also done to check all is ok; and
  • HIV, Hepatitis B and C screening.

The Treatment Cycle:

  • Day 2/3 scan. I will then need to inject myself daily with Gonal F;
  • Day 6 scan;
  • Depending on how my follicles develop, I then need to inject myself daily with Centrocide to surprise my LH production to allow the follicles to develop further. This means daily scans for anything up to 7 days. Regular blood tests will also monitor oestrogen levels;
  • Once the follicles reach 17-20mm I will administer a final injection of Ovitrelle to prepare the follicles to release the eggs. I will have to inject this at a specific time of day, because the hospital then has 34 hours to harvest the eggs;
  • Egg collection – officially known as Ultrasound Directed Follicle Aspiration. This will be done under general anaesthetic (eek – I’ve never had that before) in the day clinic. Once done, my husband has to transport the eggs in a special transport unit up to the London Women’s Clinic in Central London (about an hour’s drive). On arrival he hands over the eggs and provides a fresh sperm sample;
  • I start taking Cyclogest pessaries (Progesterone) vaginally for 14 nights;
  • Fertilisation will be done either via IVF or ICSI immediately;
  • After 3 days I’ll be informed of how many embryos were successfully formed.  If there are more than 6 good embryos, they will allow them to grow to day 5;
  • Transfer of the 5 day old embryo (blastocysts);
  • Pregnancy test after 2 weeks!!.

On the day of the appointment, the nurse tried to ascertain when the treatment would start. It just so happened that I started my period on Monday, so at the appointment I was on day 4 of my cycle.

Perfect! They said. We can bring everything forward in that case. Come back tomorrow for your scan and blood tests. My husband also had to have the HIV/Hepatitis blood test – so they did that the same day!

On Friday I went for my scan and tests. According to that the doctor thinks everything looks OK to go. My right ovary is apparently 8.2mm with 20 follicles and my left 7.4mm with 15 follicles. All normal he said.

So we’re on our way! I go back on Tuesday for the Trial Embryo Transfer.  I am mega excited now, but also absolutely petrified. Please please let this work.

When I got home from my scan on Friday….I showed you my goody bag.  I had to start taking the oestrogen tablets straight away 3 times a day. The injection had to go in the fridge and the doctor said she would tell me if/when to start taking the progesterone tablets.

First of all…..taking a tablet 3 times a day is hard work when it’s a weekend!!! With no routine, I felt like I was clock watching the whole day every day!! Up until today I’be actually managed quite well.  Today I went back to work and that’s when I realised at 4pm I’d forgotten to take one with my lunch! It was a miracle I remembered to take them with me!! I quickly took one, so will make sure I have my next one later than usual.

On Monday I had to go back for a scan.  The doctor said my lining had improved significantly and was much thicker than ever before. Yay! And I had one large follicle now measuring 20across.  All good….although I do wonder what happened to the other one that had been developing nicely on Friday!

I was then sent round to the fertility department because the doctor said I was ‘ready’ for the injection. So off I trotted with the injection I had (thank god) remembered to take out of my fridge and take with me!  I then had a lesson in how to do it myself….so technically, I injected myself. I was advised to learn so that if this month failed, I could do it myself next month. And Monday was my birthday….so go me on learning something new! Maybe you can teach and old dog new tricks!

The doctor has also told me to start taking the progesterone tablets.  Just one a day.  And while she was telling, that’s when I realised…..these are not oral tablets!!  Hmmmmmm!!  Maybe I should have read the boxes better!  So whilst the tablets with oestrogen are nice small blue pills, these are like bullets.  They have a waxy texture, so when opened they look like off white wax bullets.  I was advised to insert one each night into my vagina before I go to sleep.  Last night I did that and all was fine.  However, this morning, after having walked around a while etc, gravity did kick in and a small amount of the waxy substance was in my knickers when I nipped to the loo.  Nice!! But thought I should share!

Today I am ovulating! Yay again! But I have been pondering the technicalities of inserting the progesterone tablets.  If I do it before going to bed…..will ‘baby dancing’ force it to come out? Or if I leave it until after…..would that be ok with all the additional ‘juices’.  Sorry, cringeworthy I know….but just putting my thoughts out there!!  I think I’ll wait until afterwards……

So now, yet again, we have to wait and see. I am booked in for a scan next Monday to confirm that I have ovulated. In the meantime I just need to keep remembering to take all these tablets!

Today was a day 10 scan on my third cycle of Clomid.

The doctor confirmed that my blood test last month also showed low progesterone levels, so that’s both cycles showing the same trend.

So, instead of coming home with a lollipop for good behaviour….I came home with a different type of goody bag (& more expensive!)

My first thoughts when I got home…..”s**t just got real!

So today’s scan showed 2 dc net sized follicles, one on each ovary. 1 measured around 13 and the other around 12……is that millimetres??? Not a clue, but those were the figures she quoted at me!

Tomorrow I start taking oestrogen tablets – the Climaval 2mg. One, three times a day.

On Monday I have to have another scan (what a pleasant birthday present for me!). If the follicles have grown more, then I’ll then have the Ovitrelle 250mg injection.

I don’t know when I will then start taking the Cyclogest. I’ll find out more on Monday!!

I’m scared to read the leaflets that come with all these as the side effects normally sound so scary! But…….I’m going in!