The other day, another blogger I follow – http://rooneyvspunkyz.wordpress.com – posted about being an idiot sometimes. I tried to reblog it but couldn’t figure out how to do that and write more as well.

But his blog made me giggle and I thought “that sounds just like something I would do!”

So I thought I’d share too!!!

We have established that basically my sister and I shouldn’t get public transport together. Trains or trams more specifically!

Our first little incident was during the Olympics. Off we went up to town, knowing we need to get the DLR straight to the venue. No problem. We got on the train, made ourselves comfy and chatted the journey away. The train emptied and filled, emptied and filled. Then we got to one station and it emptied completely. Hardly noticing, we carried on chatting until we saw the driver come and sit at the our end of the train.

Errrrrrr, we’re at the end of the line….did we miss our stop???? Nope!! We hadn’t, we’d just got on the completely wrong line!!! Doh!! We stayed on the train as it left the station the same way it had come in! We finally got to the Olympic venue, an hour later than expected!!

Some time passed. All was forgotten. Until the other day, just before Christmas. The two of us took our youngest nephew to the Panto. Got there fine, with minutes to spare. Coming back now, here we go again…..!

We get to the train station and see there is 10 minutes until our tram. The only problem is, the tram and train share one platform with a divider half way down.

Which end of the platform do we need to be on?? Must be that end…..so off we went. You can see where I’m going with this can’t you? There was an empty bench waiting for us to perch on, set back nicely so it was protected from the wind. It also meant we could no longer see the “wrong” end of the platform…… So an hour later – yes, an hour! – we wander up the platform to check what’s going on. There had been no announcements and the board was still saying 10 minutes. Then, just a few minutes later, the tram turned up. At that “wrong” end of the platform. So it’s fairly safe to say we’d probably missed at least 5 trams whilst waiting on our bench!!! Oooopsy!

So, in the words of rooneyvspunkyz, I can be an idiot sometimes!!!

Next time I think we’ll drive!!