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This is day 3 of my third attempt at a cycle of Clomid!

My period arrived on Wednesday morning….all on its own! Well done ovaries!  Arriving on a Wednesday meant I was able to call through to the hospital….have the phone answered….and get a scan booked!! Hallelujah!

So I decided to use the same tactics I have mentioned before – in that I am taking the tablets at night before I go to bed, rather than in the morning.  I don’t know whether that tactic has worked….or whether I am just someone who doesn’t have much of an ’emotional’ reaction with this drug.  After reading all the horror stories….I was really worried I was going to go off the rails!!

So, 3 days in, I’ve not noticed any differences in my moods, behaviours, emotions or thought processes.  I’ve not noticed anything unusual with my body temperature.  But…..1 thing I have noticed.  It could be complete coincidence, or it might be related….. I am currently writing this post sitting in my living room listening to the sound of my husband snoring away in bed.  It was the same last night…..and this NEVER happens…..I am always the one to go to bed first!  For me to go to bed after my husband 2 nights in a row… has made me wonder.  I don’t feel particularly tired, and still got up at the normal time.  So if this medication has done anything… does seem to have disrupted my sleeping patterns.  I’ll keep an eye on this and report back!!

At least it seems like I’ll get the chance to go through an entire cycle this time round!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!


It’s been a while since I last updated my blog!

So, as per the title, we are back to the start. I am so frustrated. Last week I was back to the doctors. BUT this time I saw a different doctor. What a breath of fresh air!

There are more tests….yet again….for me to do, but he couldn’t understand why I wasn’t tested before. And my husband was given completely wrong information about his test results. A classic example of everything going wrong where it can!

So….I’ve got my tests booked in and my husband has an appointment on Wednesday.

Is this the start finally of progression down the right road???

Fingers crossed!


I know blogs aren’t generally aimed at being interactive, but on this occasion I am looking for someone to help me translate the picture attached.

What does it say???

This picture was given to me years ago by a family friend who no longer wanted it. Since then, it has been in my bedroom.

Is it bad luck? Should I be removing it from the bedroom? Is it going to remain a mystery?? Can anyone help me?!?

I guess I have started clutching at straws around superstitions. Is this one picture the reason why we’ve not managed to conceive? Is there a hidden curse in there?? It’s probably a beautiful saying, or perhaps a really random one that means absolutely nothing….but I’d like to know!! Can anyone help ease my mind??


A candle is a simple thing, but lighting that wick can be so much more.

It can set the mood for romance……. ūüėČ it can be the saviour in a power cut……., it can be a comfort on a dark winters evening…………, it can lit in memory of someone………
And as intended in my picture today, it is a prayer.

It is a prayer for a person who is important in my life, a man I class as an uncle (more so than some of my blood uncles!). He is undergoing surgery on Saturday, so this is a prayer from our family for his safe recovery. A candle will be lit every day now up to and beyond his surgery.

It’s amazing the many different things that little flame can represent.

It fascinated me when I started thinking about it, so thought I’d share the thought.

I needed a distraction. ¬†I’ve found out the last few weeks that a few friends are pregnant. ¬†Everywhere I go there seem to be pregnant ladies. ¬†I need something to take my mind away from babies!

So, I’ve been taking a few little trips. ¬†Nothing major – just either for the day or for one overnight, but a change of scenery to lift my mood!

First I went North….



I stayed in this quaint little hotel with a fabulous pool!  And for a bargain.


The bright sunshine was enough to lift anyone’s mood!

Later on in the week I headed South…..I combined it with a work visit, so it meant I didn’t pay for it either! ¬†Its all the more enjoyable when its free!



We have some wonderful sights in this country, but I have to confess I spend most of the time wishing to be somewhere else! ¬†When I go on holiday, I always explore…taking in the sights and seeing as much as possible. ¬†Yet there is so much in the UK that I haven’t seen! ¬†Its time to change that and make more of an effort to see the country I live in!

Keeping busy is helping.  And for a few hours on those days, I do forget (almost) about whats going on (or not as the case may be).

One day hopefully I’ll be able to revisit some of these places with my child……

I’m not giving up hope yet!