I am Greek. I also have PCOS. Put these together and you get one extremely hairy girl.

I have pale white skin with dark hair. The worst combination. I can shave my legs, but am already getting regrowth within 12 hours. Having do de-fuzz every day is time consuming, leads to lots of in-growing hairs (which are ugly and can be uncomfortable), leads to razor bumps and rashes, limits how spontaneous you can be (hey….why don’t we go swimming…….errrr not today I’ve not shaved!) and can in general just be soul destroying. Oh and cleaning out the bath after me…..grim.

Over the years I have tried most things.

Shaving with a razor: Pro’s – quick (ish), no batteries or electricity needed, easy to pack in a suitcase. Con’s – razor bumps, cutting myself (so blood on towels) and needs to be done in the bath or shower (it’s just cleaner and easier).

Shaving with an electric razor: Pro’s – can be done any time (ie not in the bath), no razor bumps. Con’s – not as close a shave (so never getting that super smooth leg feel and regrowth comes through even quicker), batteries or electricity needed and slightly more bulky to pack when you travel.

Waxing – Pro’s – no batteries needed and lasts slightly longer (in my case a few days before regrowth). Con’s – pain!, you have to wait for hair to be long before you can wax it (so bring back the yeti look) and a lot of ingrowing hairs.

Epilation – Pro’s – can be done on much shorter hair than waxing and does last a bit longer (similar to waxing). Con’s – pain!,batteries or electricity needed and ingrowing hairs.

Veet – Pro’s – no batteries or electricity needed, smooth finish, no cuts or razor bumps. Con’s – waiting those 5 mins feels like forever, a bit smelly and more expensive as you go through a lot!

Last year, my sister bought a Philips Lumea.

Due to trying all other hair removal, I wasn’t in a major hurry to borrow this off her.  But I finally got round to it last month.

Ladies (and gents if you are out there), I have to say, this has changed my life. It works!

This magic wand works with light. It is pain free (although you do feel a little bit of heat). This solution was perfect for me because of my skin colouring, but the darker you already, the less you should use it. Those with very dark skin are told not to use it all. It links in with how easily skin absorbs light – the darker you already, apparently the more light your skin absorbs.  If you do use it, it is highly likely to burn.

The downside is that it needs to be charged, it cannot be used whilst plugged into the wall. So when I use it, I literally get one half of one leg done, before having to recharge it.

When you start, it advises to do the treatment every 2 weeks for the first 4-6 weeks. I have just finished my third treatment.  I can now go for the full 2 weeks without having to shave at all. And even at the end of those 2 weeks, the amount of hairs that have grown – you wouldn’t even notice them if I had a skirt on.

The freedom I feel I have now is amazing. I can get up in the morning and just choose what I want to wear, no thought  about whether  I’ve done my legs or not, or can I wear a sleeveless top! Baths and showers are so much quicker! And I can’t stop stroking my legs as they are smooth! 

This is a review on my own experiences. It has not been sponsored or anything, but I had to share…..more people need to use this! It’s brilliant! If any of you use one, I hope it works for you!!