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This isn’t my scan from today…..but this is what you get when you google Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome. And this is basically what my scan looked like.

So, practically all of my 40 odd follicles have grown substantially and the doctor thinks the majority will have eggs.

I’ve been told to stop my Gonal-f injections immediately, but I need to continue with the Cetrotide ones until tomorrow. Then at 10.45pm tomorrow night, I have to inject Ovitrelle 250. This will mean I am ready to ovulate for surgery from about 8.30am Monday morning (34-36 hours after the injection). 

I’ve also been given tablets for the OHSS – one a day which I start tomorrow for 8 days (which I also had to pay £45 for!!!!!!)

This all also means any embryos developed will have to be frozen. They cannot be transferred back in until everything has ‘calmed down’. So just when I was getting my head around it now happening…..I go back to having to wait! Sod’s law!

Symptom wise: I’ve started getting a few:

– Bloating and feeling full. With the number of follicles it’s no surprise, but I definitely feel bloated and full….and like I permanently need to pee.

– Leaking. The first time this happened, I thought I had practically wet myself. But it’s not. It’s practically water….no smell and no colour. Not often, but once in a while, especially if I have been sitting or lying down for a long time and I then stand up. I’ve resorted to using panty liners right now.

– Discomfort. Linked to the bloating I guess….and the pain is especially noticeable when I need to pee. 

– Emotions. We suffered a major tragedy/disaster in my town this week when a tram was derailed resulting in 7 people losing their lives. It happened practically at the end of my road. The last few days, as I’ve had to walk past the news crews and emergency services, I can feel myself welling up at the thought of those poor people. This isn’t normal for me…..or is it? I’m not entirely sure whether this is a hormone thing or not.

– Night sweats. The last few nights I have woken up in the middle of the night sweating from head to toe. This is definitely not my normal MO.

I have no idea whether these are normal reactions……..I hope they are!!

Roll on Monday to see how many eggs are actually collected!


I had my Day 10 scan today. 

The doctor asked me if I had felt much going on in there! Other than feeling a little bloated, I replied, not really.

She then started counting the follicles. There are now almost 20 on each ovary.  No wonder I feel bloated. Most of them growing to a good size. But I am sure as the week goes on, I’m going to feel more and more bloated.

I have a blood test on Thursday morning, the pre-op Friday morning followed by another scan.  It is at that scan the doctor will confirm when I need to take my shot of Ovitrelle.  Then Monday for the egg collection!

I hope I end up with a decent number of mature eggs that are of a high quality. I really want to maximise every opportunity to get a sticky bean. The control freak in me is screaming away…..I hate not being able to control any of this!!


The plan had initially been, start the IVF treatment around the 13th October.  That was based on the last few months cycles – they had been, miraculously, between 4 and 5 weeks.  In reality – 10th October was the 28 day date – when most ‘normal’ people would be due on.  Working to plan this would mean we would go through the process and be taking a pregnancy test around mid November.

Needless to say, my body decided it didn’t want to co-operate.  Last Wednesday I spoke with the clinic and they ordered all the medication for the process.  They also confirmed that they would then consider inducing my period with medication if it didn’t arrive soon.

So Saturday, this lot was delivered.  I expected a lot, but it still seemed to be so much!

Then on Sunday, my period arrived without medication.  Finally.  I literally thought to myself ‘About bloody time!’.  This meant that Monday I had my day 2 scan and told to start the course.  The doctor confirmed the scan looked normal with my left ovary looking more poly-cystic than the right.  As I walked home from the hospital – it all suddenly became very real.  Its all very over whelming.  Almost a panic.

That evening I started my injections of Gonal-f. 150 units every night.  I’ve been told to do it at roughly that same time every day – so 7.30pm is my time.  I take the injection and my folic acid tablets together. So far, I’ve not felt any different.  No emotional roller-coaster (yet) and no bloating (yet).  But I have felt incredibly thirsty the last few days and I can’t be sure if that is because of the medication or psychological.  The clinic told me to ensure I drank lots because the body will need extra fluid to support the growth of multiple eggs – so knowing this, I don’t know if it is a real feeling or not.  But either way, I am making sure I am drinking a lot more than normal to be sure.

On Friday I have my day 6 scan – all to schedule with the one they gave me.  I should also be having a blood test the same day.  Looking through the schedule they gave me, I calculated that the eggs should be collected on 14th November.  I wonder whether that will all go to plan.

For the last 9 years, everything seems to have been plodding along at a slow slow pace that frustrated the hell out of me.  Now I feel that I am in full on sprint mode and I am bricking it.  I feel absolutely petrified all of sudden.  Scared it will work, scared it won’t work.  Just scared full stop.  Deep breaths and take one day at a time.  That’s all I can do now.