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In my previous post, I mentioned that we needed to make a decision…..a choice… egg or two for the FET.

I am all booked in for Wednesday at 2pm.

First of all – I would like to curse the internet.  Providing so much information (sometimes conflicting) that my head is ready to burst and full of worst case scenarios.  I know this sounds hypocritical, considering I am writing a blog online, but right now – I feel like ignorance would be bliss.  But, that’s just not my style.  I research, research, research.  I like to make informed decisions.

Up until now, the only decision we have had to make so far is that we want a family.  All the other decisions have pretty much been made by the doctors and we have gone along with them.  All part of the process.

But this ball is firmly back in our court.

From pretty early on, I was always inclined to go for 2 eggs (if that was an option).  Because I am over 35, it is an option (in my area, they will not do multiple eggs if under 35) and we have enough good quality eggs.  The main thoughts behind this were: we don’t mind having twins, in fact I quite like the idea albeit am petrified how hard it will be; I want to improve my chances of this being successful first time (surely 2 eggs have more chance??); and research has highlighted the risk that not all eggs survive the thawing process.

There are negatives in that; there are likely to be more pregnancy complications with twins; as I understand it I am at a higher risk of miscarriage because of my PCOS; if we were lucky enough for two sticky beans, they would likely need to be born prematurely which is a risk for them; and should something happen to one – there is a risk I lose both.

Then, at my last scan, the doctor said I should go for one.  The eggs are high quality and so she thinks its a given I will fall pregnant with twins.  Whilst I like her confidence….her main concern was the complications during pregnancy.  She also confirmed, if we went for one egg, and that did not survive the thaw, another one would be done immediately on the day, so there would be no further delays (another concern).

When I called the clinic to then make my appointment for the FET – I said that very thing because they already had the paperwork stating two eggs were to be transferred.  The woman was very kind and talked me through a few points; apparently alot of doctors advise against twin pregnancies due to the difficulties, but according to my notes, she said there was not reason to believe I would have any problems; this clinic’s success rate is 40 – 50% with one egg and 50 – 60% with two eggs; and in reality, as a clinic, they only advise against two eggs if there is a medical condition which means it really should be avoided, or we really don’t want twins.

This has swayed me back to going with two eggs again.

Now, I am bricking it.  A new concern that has entered my head.  What if the eggs do stick (yay) and then split? Forming 2 sets of identical twins??? Can my body cope with that? Would they survive??  In the past some of hubby’s family have joked around saying hubby was actually a twin, but the other twin didn’t survive.  I don’t think it is true…..I need to speak to my mother in law!

Has anyone else in this position actually been scared of success in this?  This is something that we have wanted for so long, but will change everything.  Are my worries normal?  I am dreading failure and a negative test at the end of the 2WW, but I am braced for it.  Or are all these random thoughts because of these hormone drugs???

Anyway – one step at a time.  4 days to go, and 2 eggs will be transferred.  Lets do this.


The clinic called today. Of the 14 eggs we managed to get 12 fertilised. Yay.

Some more will drop out at the 3 day stage and even more by the 5 day. Hopefully we get left with a few of decent quality.

Whilst I was under the impression already the embryos would be frozen – the clinic said it is normal for me to be monitored by the doctors over the next few days to check if that is the case. So I am also provisionally booked in for an embryo transfer on Saturday morning – just in case my hormone levels level out.

In the meantime I am taking Cabergoline to help alleviate the OHSS (which I think can be classed as mild), my folic acid and progesterone pessaries (twice a day).

I have informed the doctor so I am waiting for her to call me back so I can confirm to the clinic about whether I can go ahead with the embryo transfer to wait until the new year.

So here’s hoping a lot of the eggs survive and that they reach a high quality over the next few days!

Yesterday was I’m egg collections day.  It was what seemed an unnecessarily long day, but that’s by the by.

It was almost my first ever general anaesthetic. Wasn’t bad at all. When I came round all was ok. No pain, no nausea and I was wide awake, not drowsy at all. It was weird though, knowing that by that, hubby was already on his way to Harley Street with my eggs (not sure if I explained all that before….I’ll check previous posts and will update if not).

As much as he was really moany (and I mean REALLY moany) because he’s an impatient person who hates waiting (despite being late for everything). He had to wait at the clinic while the ICSI process happened (didn’t know that was the case nor do I really understand why). Anyway – it does mean I know that of my 40 odd follicles, we ended up with 14 eggs. Typically, my husband has no clue about any of this, so all he could say was there were 14.  I have no idea whether that means he delivered 14, or 14 survived the ICSI process and have started the fertilisation process.

I’ll await the call from the clinic today (hopefully).

What I can say though on a separate note – I am not feeling these special blood clot prevention sock things they are making me wear for 48 hours!! Sooooo want to take them off! And For some reason the doctor signed me off work until the 24th November……huh? There is no way I need 10 days off! Just the 1 would do!

I’ve realised I’ve not posted much on here which is my bad.  There have been a few developments.

After hubby had to do his standard sperm test, the clinic raised some concerns.  So he had to go up to Harley Street in London to have another one done.  So a few weeks ago, off he went up to town for his 11 o’clock appointment.  Unsure of what was what, I just told him to make sure he asked lots of questions so he could answer mine!!  At about 11.05 he called me – ‘I’m on my way home’.  Already?? huh?

Nothing was explained to him, but he was just asked for another specimen, pay £120 and off you go!  Excuse my language but to quote him ‘That was the most expensive wank I’ve ever had!!’.

The next day the results were back and they confirmed that they had some concerns about the motility of the sperm. Basically his swimmers have lazyitis.  So, we are now not doing normal IVF, but ICSI, which stands for Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection.


In ICSI, a single sperm is injected directly into the centre of the egg. In this way, the sperm is not required to penetrate any of the barriers surrounding the egg.

Unfortunately there are risks/disadvantages:

  • There is more risk the eggs may get damaged in this invasive procedure;
  • Sex Chromosomal Abnormalities;
  • Birth defects;
  • Developmental delay; and
  • Risk of Miscarriage.

There are some other risks, but as hubby’s issues relate more to motility than low numbers of sperm, hopefully the other risks won’t apply.

This procedure is still relatively new in IVF terms, so there hasn’t been enough time to fully research it all and studies continue.

Fingers crossed.

Today’s scan confirmed one egg was released and my lining is looking much thicker than it’s ever been.

I also had another blood test to see whether the progesterone tablets have been working.

Now we wait another week. 

I’m not holding my breath this will work…..but I hope it does….eventually. After celebrating my birthday last week…..I’m becoming more and more conscious of my age. I don’t want to be so old that I’m a really high risk.  I already fall into that category with my PCOS, I don’t want to add more complications than necessary. And I know I’ve got to take what I can get, but my wish list has more than one child on it. If we ever manage to conceive…..if it takes too long….I may not be able to have more than one.

Well let’s hope the ball starts rolling and number one can happen soon.