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Well that’s it.  Two blastocysts moved in today.  I hope they like it enough to stick around.

I left home with plenty of time.  As I had to go to Harley Street in central London, I opted for train and tube rather than driving (hubby’s experience of doing that at the egg collection stage was not a good one!).  I thought that would be less stressful and just easier in general.

However, they can be unreliable – hence allowing myself plenty of time.  So, when I got to my local station to find a packed platform and not enough space on the first train… was fine.  I was happy to wait for the next one.  When there was a delay on the tube because of a broken down train…..again it was fine…..actually did me a favour preventing me from being too early!

Knowing I had to have a full bladder for this (I hate that part), I emptied my bladder before I left home.  I had a drink with me for the journey.  I was more than half an hour early – but felt comfortable… the time my appointment was due – I’d be ready.  Speaking to the receptionist they had my name on the list (phew!) but said there was a slight delay.  They had had a fire alarm earlier on in the day.  At this point I started getting a little concerned….would my bladder hold out.  ‘Don’t drink any more’ the receptionist said ‘just to be sure’. Great!

15 minutes after my appointment time (not too bad I thought), I was taken in.  After getting in the normal garb (those sexy hospital gowns) I was then scanned (externally) to make sure my bladder was sufficiently full.  The nurse looked at the screen, ‘Oh you are more than ready!’….hmmm yes thanks…….I know that already……..I feel like my bladder is about to burst!

After all the polite introductions, the embryologist confirmed both embryos survived the thaw. What a relief! Then before I knew it, I was lying back on the bed, legs akimbo and in stirrups with the bed god knows how high in the air.  A giant light shining on my minnie, just to be sure everyone got a good view!  Sadly, after being on this road for so long, I was actually beyond caring.

I’ve posted before about the actual process followed, and this was exactly the same.  All in all, in lasted 5 minutes.

After that, I pee’d for England, got dressed and headed home again.  A nice leisurely pace, all the time in the world.

So here we go, the start of the infamous 2 week wait (2WW).  On 10th April we’ll find out.  Come on little beans……stick…….hang on for your lives………please like your new home!



Friday was my first day out of the house for the week!

I went for a scan to see whether the transfer should go ahead on the Saturday or not.  The scan confirmed I still had a lot of fluid and my OHSS symptoms were under control. Therefore, as long as the embryos allowed, the doctor wanted me to freeze them all for later transfer.  I had to wait for a call on Saturday morning from the clinic to confirm.

Saturday morning the clinic called. We had 5 blastocysts develop – all of which are top quality. Yay 😀. So no transfer, they can all be frozen. Whilst I am disappointed we can’t get this next step going – I am thrilled we have had blastocysts develop!  The clinic confirmed they would also call the next day as a few more may develop overnight.

They did call this morning, but sadly no more blastocysts developed.  Yesterday I was thrilled at 5, and now today I feel disappointed. I know all the rubbish about it only takes one….but at this stage of the game it really feels like a numbers game….and I am competing against myself. 

So, there it is. We have 5 chances at a miracle. As long as they survive the thawing process. 

I’m not sure what happens next. I am assuming the doctors will call me tomorrow to find out our numbers and will explain more then. I am also expecting to start my period tomorrow – assuming that all this medication will mean my body works to plan for a change. I’m a little worried as I am imagining scenes from ‘Carrie’ – and the end, blood everywhere part, not the beginning!  I’m planning to go to work armed with pain killers just in case!!