So after the whole feeling sorry for myself, I entered the new year feeling more positive and optimistic. I was also determined to try and take some control back of my life, and stop ‘waiting’ around for my life to change.

I worked through Christmas and New Year as I take the first few weeks of January off most years. The only exception this year was that we didn’t go on holiday, but I still had the time off work.  As much as I felt like I was hibernating, I now realise that it was a much needed break and was also quite productive.

The first day of my holidays, I made contact with the architect we previously met in Cyprus.  She is now investigating whether we can use the land we own to build our home on.  This is going to be a long, drawn out process, but at least I started the ball rolling!

I applied for a new job.  Somehow, I got through the sift and I have an interview next week.  Safe to say I am bricking it right now, but it has been a welcome distraction and given me something else to think about.  I am not holding my breath in actually getting the job, as it is promotion for me, but I am looking at even getting an interview as a step in the right direction and getting some practice in for future jobs!

I also had a mate who is a builder come in and quote for fitting a new bathroom.  It is all now bought and sitting in the garage.  Hopefully he will be coming to fit it all in the next week or so!  The bathroom is actually older than I am, so this is long overdue and I can’t wait to get under my new rain water shower head (I lead a sheltered life!!).

And lastly, I was due on on Tuesday last week.  For a change, this month, I was only a few days late and my period started yesterday.  Which means tomorrow I can phone the clinic and get the ball rolling again for my FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) this month.  I’ve been reading up on it, and I don’t know whether the doctor will want to work with my natural cycle or whether I will be given blocker medication to prevent me ovulating.  Either way, I’ve been trying to calculate when this might happen.  Maybe a few weeks. Which may work out perfectly as I have 2 more weeks annual leave booked for the last 2 weeks of February.

I feel like I am at a bus stop right now.  Nothing has come along for ages, and now they are all arriving at once.  I am feeling excited, overwhelmed and panicked all at the same time.  For all of the above!

Regardless, I am in a much better head space now and hope I can keep hold of my current Positive Mental Attitude.  It will help me deal with whatever comes my way – success or not.