Because it’s a busy time of year, I feel like this waiting game is a bit easier.  I am also glad that my body feels somewhat back to normal…..whatever that means.  No drugs, no bloatedness, just me.

My last period was apparently what they call a withdrawal period…..or something like that. My memory is a bit fuzzy. So that, alongside my slight OHSS means I’ve had to wait another cycle.  The period itself was normal. I think I mentioned I was expecting a heavy and unpleasant experience…..but that wasn’t the case. Phew!

I did the math….and if my cycle is 28 days…..I am due on on Christmas Eve. Come on! Seriously! So now, bizarrely, I am hoping I do have a longer cycle to get me out of the holiday season. If not…..I’ll then likely have to wait another month on top! It’s is going to be soooooooo annoying if I end up coming on on time this one and only month!

I am glad it is Christmas though. Keeping busy means it’s creeping round very quickly. 

I hope you all enjoy this festive season x