Friday was my first day out of the house for the week!

I went for a scan to see whether the transfer should go ahead on the Saturday or not.  The scan confirmed I still had a lot of fluid and my OHSS symptoms were under control. Therefore, as long as the embryos allowed, the doctor wanted me to freeze them all for later transfer.  I had to wait for a call on Saturday morning from the clinic to confirm.

Saturday morning the clinic called. We had 5 blastocysts develop – all of which are top quality. Yay 😀. So no transfer, they can all be frozen. Whilst I am disappointed we can’t get this next step going – I am thrilled we have had blastocysts develop!  The clinic confirmed they would also call the next day as a few more may develop overnight.

They did call this morning, but sadly no more blastocysts developed.  Yesterday I was thrilled at 5, and now today I feel disappointed. I know all the rubbish about it only takes one….but at this stage of the game it really feels like a numbers game….and I am competing against myself. 

So, there it is. We have 5 chances at a miracle. As long as they survive the thawing process. 

I’m not sure what happens next. I am assuming the doctors will call me tomorrow to find out our numbers and will explain more then. I am also expecting to start my period tomorrow – assuming that all this medication will mean my body works to plan for a change. I’m a little worried as I am imagining scenes from ‘Carrie’ – and the end, blood everywhere part, not the beginning!  I’m planning to go to work armed with pain killers just in case!!