On Monday, when I left the hospital I felt fine.  No pain, no wooziness, just a little bloated – which I was before.  I also remember saying….why did the doctor sign me off for 10 days – just one would do!


The hospital did tell me before my procedure (after asking a thousand times whether I was allergic to anything) that they would leave a slow release pain killer inside. That stuff must have been good!

Tuesday I was ok. Still a bit bloated and some discomfort – mainly when I pee’d.  The only way I can describe that pain or discomfort is wind. Trapped wind. You know the kind of feeling I mean – right?

Wednesday came – well that took it to another level. Again, the pain has never been really severe, but if you’ve ever had trapped wind, you know it can hurt, and if it doesn’t go away……well I was exasperated. Sounds extreme, but it is the first word that springs to mind.  A hot bath helped, both with the discomfort and the release of some wind.  There is no polite way to put it…..I have been farting and burping like a trooper. Has anyone else had this experience? Is it just me? As I know I’ve not read it anywhere!

The other thing I’ve experienced and forgot to mention before is sensitive nipples and sore boobs. They feel really heavy and right now my bra is a god send.

Today I’ve felt a little more comfortable and hope it will ease off even more tomorrow.

I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow for a scan and blood test.  The results will answer the question about whether I can go for the embryo transfer on Saturday or whether they will need to be frozen and the transfer happen in the new year.

As I don’t know whether this bloated feeling is normal, I’m going to assume it isn’t and that we’ll need to freeze the embryos. That’s as long as any even made it to blastocyst.  I wish it could happen on Saturday but I am trying to manage my own expectations.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.