Yesterday was I’m egg collections day.  It was what seemed an unnecessarily long day, but that’s by the by.

It was almost my first ever general anaesthetic. Wasn’t bad at all. When I came round all was ok. No pain, no nausea and I was wide awake, not drowsy at all. It was weird though, knowing that by that, hubby was already on his way to Harley Street with my eggs (not sure if I explained all that before….I’ll check previous posts and will update if not).

As much as he was really moany (and I mean REALLY moany) because he’s an impatient person who hates waiting (despite being late for everything). He had to wait at the clinic while the ICSI process happened (didn’t know that was the case nor do I really understand why). Anyway – it does mean I know that of my 40 odd follicles, we ended up with 14 eggs. Typically, my husband has no clue about any of this, so all he could say was there were 14.  I have no idea whether that means he delivered 14, or 14 survived the ICSI process and have started the fertilisation process.

I’ll await the call from the clinic today (hopefully).

What I can say though on a separate note – I am not feeling these special blood clot prevention sock things they are making me wear for 48 hours!! Sooooo want to take them off! And For some reason the doctor signed me off work until the 24th November……huh? There is no way I need 10 days off! Just the 1 would do!