The clinic called today. Of the 14 eggs we managed to get 12 fertilised. Yay.

Some more will drop out at the 3 day stage and even more by the 5 day. Hopefully we get left with a few of decent quality.

Whilst I was under the impression already the embryos would be frozen – the clinic said it is normal for me to be monitored by the doctors over the next few days to check if that is the case. So I am also provisionally booked in for an embryo transfer on Saturday morning – just in case my hormone levels level out.

In the meantime I am taking Cabergoline to help alleviate the OHSS (which I think can be classed as mild), my folic acid and progesterone pessaries (twice a day).

I have informed the doctor so I am waiting for her to call me back so I can confirm to the clinic about whether I can go ahead with the embryo transfer to wait until the new year.

So here’s hoping a lot of the eggs survive and that they reach a high quality over the next few days!