I had my Day 10 scan today. 

The doctor asked me if I had felt much going on in there! Other than feeling a little bloated, I replied, not really.

She then started counting the follicles. There are now almost 20 on each ovary.  No wonder I feel bloated. Most of them growing to a good size. But I am sure as the week goes on, I’m going to feel more and more bloated.

I have a blood test on Thursday morning, the pre-op Friday morning followed by another scan.  It is at that scan the doctor will confirm when I need to take my shot of Ovitrelle.  Then Monday for the egg collection!

I hope I end up with a decent number of mature eggs that are of a high quality. I really want to maximise every opportunity to get a sticky bean. The control freak in me is screaming away…..I hate not being able to control any of this!!