On Friday I had my day 6 scan.  Apparently things are looking as they should. Yay.  There are 6 or 7 eggs growing on one ovary and 7 or 8 on the other.  I hope they all continue to develop to give us the best chance to create some decent embryos.

I was also told to start another injection today – which is now day 8. 

So now, every evening I am injecting 150 units of Gonal-f and 0.25 units of Cetrocide.  The Cetrocide uses a slightly bigger needle than the Gonal-f, so hurt a little bit this time.  I’m sure I’lol get us d to it. I am also taking my folic acid tablet at the same time.

Symptom wise, I can’t really be sure. My darling husband thought it would be a good idea to share his most recent cold with me….so this weekend I have been fighting that off. So I can’t be sure if any symptoms I’ve been experiencing have been from the medication or the cold!! Either way – luckily it’s been nothing major. 

My appointments for the egg collection have come in now as well. I have the pre-op on Friday 11th November and the egg collection will be on 14th November. My guess last week was right! I am now also then guessing that that will mean the embryos (if there are any successful) will be put back in the following Friday.

I am relieved that my body is responding as it is supposed to. Now I just need to get past the egg collection. I am absolutely petrified about going under general anaesthetic. I’ve never been into hospital before for any treatment that requires an anaesthetic – general or local. But this whole journey has been going into the unknown, so here’s to one more new experience!

I’m back at the hospital for another scan on Tuesday. Fingers crossed all is ok.