I’ve realised I’ve not posted much on here which is my bad.  There have been a few developments.

After hubby had to do his standard sperm test, the clinic raised some concerns.  So he had to go up to Harley Street in London to have another one done.  So a few weeks ago, off he went up to town for his 11 o’clock appointment.  Unsure of what was what, I just told him to make sure he asked lots of questions so he could answer mine!!  At about 11.05 he called me – ‘I’m on my way home’.  Already?? huh?

Nothing was explained to him, but he was just asked for another specimen, pay £120 and off you go!  Excuse my language but to quote him ‘That was the most expensive wank I’ve ever had!!’.

The next day the results were back and they confirmed that they had some concerns about the motility of the sperm. Basically his swimmers have lazyitis.  So, we are now not doing normal IVF, but ICSI, which stands for Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection.


In ICSI, a single sperm is injected directly into the centre of the egg. In this way, the sperm is not required to penetrate any of the barriers surrounding the egg.

Unfortunately there are risks/disadvantages:

  • There is more risk the eggs may get damaged in this invasive procedure;
  • Sex Chromosomal Abnormalities;
  • Birth defects;
  • Developmental delay; and
  • Risk of Miscarriage.

There are some other risks, but as hubby’s issues relate more to motility than low numbers of sperm, hopefully the other risks won’t apply.

This procedure is still relatively new in IVF terms, so there hasn’t been enough time to fully research it all and studies continue.

Fingers crossed.