This is what I did today. Well, the nurses did, I just had to lie there!!

I was told I needed to have a full bladder for this as it helped ensure my cervix was at a better angle. Ultimately, this procedure was a trial run to ensure there wouldn’t be any problems when the real embryo is transferred, or to at least identify ways around tricky situations if needed.

This process was basically the same as a smear test (while they were in there they did also take a swab). Excuse the technical terms here, but this meant using the duck bill shaped thingamibob. Putting that into the entrance of the cervix and using the screws to open the cervix up (here’s a picture to help explain).

Once open, they then make sure the catheter can go where it needs to.

Now, I’ve had my fair share of smear tests, so thought easy. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. But this time there were 2 main differences. 

First – as a woman with PCOS and undergoing fertility treatment for what feels like years now…..I’m no stranger to have my legs akimbo with what can feel like the world and his wife looking at my Minnie. However, today took it to the extreme. Although there was just the nurse, the bed was raised up high, almost to her eye level with a huge high power light gleaming right up me! I’m sure she could see what I had for breakfast!

Secondly – a full bladder. Relax… will make this easier and more comfortable….the nurse said. You try doing that when you need to pee!! It meant she struggled a little which made everything a bit more uncomfortable. Not sure how I can improve on that one!

After a quick run through on how to inject myself (just in case I’d forgotten!) that was it. My husband just has to do his sperm test and then yet again…..we wait. It will be all systems go when I have my next period. Here is to praying I have a ‘normal’ 4 week cycle this month (yeah right – who am I kidding!) so we can get started as soon as possible!