Friday I had my 10 day scan, after what is my fourth or fifth round of Clomid. How bad is that that I’ve lost count! 

Anyway, the scan confirmed I had a decent size egg on my left ovary. Go leftie!  As a result, I left with the instructions:

Start taking the oestrogen tablets immediately;

On Sunday, inject myself with Clomiphene; and

From Monday, start the progesterone tablets as well.

Today is Sunday. And I injected myself. I……injected MYself. Still soooooo stunned that I managed to do it with no issues, problems or traumas. I feel like that in itself is overcoming a milestone for me! I know there are millions of people out there who have to do it on any given day, but this was my first. I hope I don’t have to walk this journey for much longer that it becomes ‘normal’. Not because I mind doing it, more because it means constant failure.

I have now also got a follow up clinic appointment for 15 Jan next year. If no joy by then, that’s when they will refer us onto the IVF waiting list.  Apparently that is a 4 month wait as well. I so hope it doesn’t come to that.