When I got home from my scan on Friday….I showed you my goody bag.  I had to start taking the oestrogen tablets straight away 3 times a day. The injection had to go in the fridge and the doctor said she would tell me if/when to start taking the progesterone tablets.

First of all…..taking a tablet 3 times a day is hard work when it’s a weekend!!! With no routine, I felt like I was clock watching the whole day every day!! Up until today I’be actually managed quite well.  Today I went back to work and that’s when I realised at 4pm I’d forgotten to take one with my lunch! It was a miracle I remembered to take them with me!! I quickly took one, so will make sure I have my next one later than usual.

On Monday I had to go back for a scan.  The doctor said my lining had improved significantly and was much thicker than ever before. Yay! And I had one large follicle now measuring 20across.  All good….although I do wonder what happened to the other one that had been developing nicely on Friday!

I was then sent round to the fertility department because the doctor said I was ‘ready’ for the injection. So off I trotted with the injection I had (thank god) remembered to take out of my fridge and take with me!  I then had a lesson in how to do it myself….so technically, I injected myself. I was advised to learn so that if this month failed, I could do it myself next month. And Monday was my birthday….so go me on learning something new! Maybe you can teach and old dog new tricks!

The doctor has also told me to start taking the progesterone tablets.  Just one a day.  And while she was telling, that’s when I realised…..these are not oral tablets!!  Hmmmmmm!!  Maybe I should have read the boxes better!  So whilst the tablets with oestrogen are nice small blue pills, these are like bullets.  They have a waxy texture, so when opened they look like off white wax bullets.  I was advised to insert one each night into my vagina before I go to sleep.  Last night I did that and all was fine.  However, this morning, after having walked around a while etc, gravity did kick in and a small amount of the waxy substance was in my knickers when I nipped to the loo.  Nice!! But thought I should share!

Today I am ovulating! Yay again! But I have been pondering the technicalities of inserting the progesterone tablets.  If I do it before going to bed…..will ‘baby dancing’ force it to come out? Or if I leave it until after…..would that be ok with all the additional ‘juices’.  Sorry, cringeworthy I know….but just putting my thoughts out there!!  I think I’ll wait until afterwards……

So now, yet again, we have to wait and see. I am booked in for a scan next Monday to confirm that I have ovulated. In the meantime I just need to keep remembering to take all these tablets!