Today was a day 10 scan on my third cycle of Clomid.

The doctor confirmed that my blood test last month also showed low progesterone levels, so that’s both cycles showing the same trend.

So, instead of coming home with a lollipop for good behaviour….I came home with a different type of goody bag (& more expensive!)

My first thoughts when I got home…..”s**t just got real!

So today’s scan showed 2 dc net sized follicles, one on each ovary. 1 measured around 13 and the other around 12……is that millimetres??? Not a clue, but those were the figures she quoted at me!

Tomorrow I start taking oestrogen tablets – the Climaval 2mg. One, three times a day.

On Monday I have to have another scan (what a pleasant birthday present for me!). If the follicles have grown more, then I’ll then have the Ovitrelle 250mg injection.

I don’t know when I will then start taking the Cyclogest. I’ll find out more on Monday!!

I’m scared to read the leaflets that come with all these as the side effects normally sound so scary! But…….I’m going in!