Yep….round 3 of Clomid has started because yesterday Aunt Flo decided to pay me a visit 😦

The last 2 weeks have been the most stressful of my life with various things happening including my uncle passing away 😦 RIP Uncle Stan x I hope the stress doesn’t affect my chances….right about now, I feel I need this.  Please god let it work.

That being said, the family stress has resulted in a lot of conversations between me and my husband and what we want from the future. It was nice to refresh my mind with the fact we both really do want this and it hasn’t just become ‘routine’. My husband is quite a closed person and doesn’t tend to show much emotion, so it was a nice change, even under the circumstances.

I try to tell myself, it’s for the best it didn’t happen this month. You have your birthday party next week….at least this means you can drink! But who am I kidding!? I’m gutted as hell and would much rather have to turn down a drink. 

I must get a grip. Wallowing in self pity won’t make a baby. I’m alive and have a loving family. I could be in a much worse position in life.

Bring it on!