Today I was scanned…..being a week after ovulation.

It confirmed that this month I released one egg. Yay! But……why do I feel disappointed? Merely because last month there was 2! More than one egg to me spells more than one chance of falling pregnant….silly I know.  A weird way to look at it. Maybe that’s just me.

However, the doctor said again that my lining was thinner than she would like and the blood test I had last month showed my progesterone levels to be low.  So, off I was sent to have another blood test (and this one hurt!)

The plan now, is, if I don’t fall pregnant with this cycle….and I’ll know by this time next week!……I will likely get given oestrogen. She mentioned tablets….but also said I might have to have an injection. *sad face*

I learnt from my lesson before though, so I booked the scan appointment for next month just in case.  If I need to cancel it, then happy days, but at least I won’t have the trauma of no-one answering the phone for days on end!

The wait is now on for next week. Will Mother Nature visit?