On Friday, I went for another scan.  An interesting point for anyone going to have a scan…..they always say have an empty bladder.  Well mine was when I got there….but I ended up waiting a loooong time! Although I didn’t feel a desperate need, apparently my bladder was full.  This meant it really got in the way….making it look like an eclipse of my womb! So if you are going to have a scan…..do nip to the loo beforehand if you have any doubt!!

So the scan showed at least 2 or 3 eggs were growing! Yay!

I was told to start testing for ovulation from Sunday and take it from there.  I was worried, because I have done so many of those tests, but they have NEVER shown a positive for me.  But despite my concern, off I went to the chemist for the tests!

Every morning I started peeing on those sticks. And then on Tuesday morning…..I got a positive! Pure elation….you would have thought it was an actual pregnancy test!!! 

Work for us both meant that baby dancing didn’t happen as much as I would have liked….but I guess we now just have to see.  I am booked in for another scan in another 10 days.  I’m being realistic and am not going to expect this miracle to happen in month one….but the fact the medication is working means I feel like the playing field has been evened out……I now have the same odds as any normal, fertile woman!  How good does that feel?!

It’s nice to finally have a small positive thing to cling to.