Well, I’ve managed to successfully finish my first full round of Clomid! Finally. After waiting for so long.

In my last post I mentioned early signals that it was disrupting my sleep slightly. This continued for each night after I took the tablets. Last night was my first night without a tablet…..and I slept like normal.  And the disruption wasn’t bad…..just like I’d had too much redbull! So if I have to do more tablets next month, I will probably continue with taking the tablets before I go to bed as I felt no other side effects.  I don’t know if that is the reason it was easier…..but I don’t want to risk it!!

On Monday, day 6, I went for a scan.  The doctor could confirmed there were eggs….plural! Yay! Which makes it appear the medication is working. She showed me the screen.  There were definitely several in one ovary and at least one on the other. 

I have to go back on Friday for another scan to monitor the growth. That will be the real indication of how well the medication has worked.

If it does work….I’ve calculated that I should ovulate around the middle of next week……my wedding anniversary……am I reading too much into this? Could that be perfect timing?!? 

Keep your fingers crossed for me the scan shows progress!