This is day 3 of my third attempt at a cycle of Clomid!

My period arrived on Wednesday morning….all on its own! Well done ovaries!  Arriving on a Wednesday meant I was able to call through to the hospital….have the phone answered….and get a scan booked!! Hallelujah!

So I decided to use the same tactics I have mentioned before – in that I am taking the tablets at night before I go to bed, rather than in the morning.  I don’t know whether that tactic has worked….or whether I am just someone who doesn’t have much of an ’emotional’ reaction with this drug.  After reading all the horror stories….I was really worried I was going to go off the rails!!

So, 3 days in, I’ve not noticed any differences in my moods, behaviours, emotions or thought processes.  I’ve not noticed anything unusual with my body temperature.  But…..1 thing I have noticed.  It could be complete coincidence, or it might be related….. I am currently writing this post sitting in my living room listening to the sound of my husband snoring away in bed.  It was the same last night…..and this NEVER happens…..I am always the one to go to bed first!  For me to go to bed after my husband 2 nights in a row… has made me wonder.  I don’t feel particularly tired, and still got up at the normal time.  So if this medication has done anything… does seem to have disrupted my sleeping patterns.  I’ll keep an eye on this and report back!!

At least it seems like I’ll get the chance to go through an entire cycle this time round!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!