On Tuesday 11 August, I went back to see the consultant for another follow up appointment.

She said “I can see you’ve done the X-ray test, good. But you haven’t done a cycle of Clomid??”

Hmmmm. I went into the explanation of why.  She wasn’t impressed either.  She said I could book my scan for any day up to day 9 or 10 as she has already scanned me in the past.  If only I had known that when calling (if they actually answer the phone!).

She has now also given me a prescription to start my period, so I don’t have to wait months for my next period.  She said if I don’t come on by this weekend (which is when I should be due all being normal) then to take these tablets.  I can’t read the doctors handwriting to tell you what they are called.  I’ll update on that when/if I collect the prescription…

But I want to know…..if these have always been available….why the hell haven’t they given them to me before???? Grrrr. I’ve had to wait months and months longer than necessary for no reason!!

Will I ever leave that office with a positive thought??  This whole process has been the most frustrating thing I have ever experienced.  

And all the while, time is ticking and I am not getting any younger…!