At my last appointment, I had to book in a follow up. And had to wait 2 months for it!

In between the appointments, I needed to book myself in for a Hysterosalpingogram…..I think I mentioned that test in earlier posts.  The rule was, on the first day of my period I had to call to book the test and it needed to be done within 10 days.

My period arrived and I called.  Sorry, the doctor who does the test is off for 2 weeks, call back next month. Great! With my unpredictable cycle I had no idea if that would be in 4 weeks or 4 months!. Luckily, 5 weeks later, My next period started. But wait, it’s Easter weekend. By the time offices were open again, I was 4 days in to my 10 days and they had a huge backlog.

So I arrived at my appointment today without having done the test.  But it still needs to be done, so I have to keep waiting! Hopefully, the next time I call, they will be able to fit me in.

I was literally in with the doctor for 5 minutes.  All she said was, your tests are all in sync with poly cystic ovaries……no s**t Sherlock! I already know that!!

The plan is that we will go onto Clomid.  My next cycle, I have to get the above mentioned test and then the cycle after that start the Clomid ( I can’t start the meds at the same time as doing the test). The Clomid should address my hormone levels, as other tests confirmed I have plenty of eggs.  They will put me on Clomid for 6 cycles and if nothing happens after that, we try other options….IVF I guess…..

Why is it that all we seem to do is wait…..arrghhhh!