Today was the final scan of my ‘cycle monitoring’. It was also today I realised that things may take longer than expected.

But let me backtrack slightly.

This week saw me fall ill and my husband have a wobble. Wobbles aren’t exclusive to us girlies you know!! His main concern was our living arrangements. If I’ve not mentioned it before, we live with my parents. It’s ok….I know what you’re thinking, but they have a big house. So we have our own bedroom, living room and bathroom. We basically just share a kitchen. Anyway….the concern was….’it’s not ideal….we should get our own place’.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree. BUT…we also dream of building a house in Cyprus and living there permanently. If we moved out now – either moving back into our house we rent out, buying again or renting – that dream will fly out of the window. I’m not prepared to give that out. And after talking it through, neither is he! Wobble resolved!!

Then I managed to catch a stinking cold. Snivels….the most attractive thing in a woman….and such a turn on!!! Hmmmmm!!

So back to today. The scan confirmed I had ovulated, no baby though. I’m not surprised at that. The doctor also didn’t seem surprised and noted that she thought my womb lining was a little thin. I was then sent for a blood test to test my progesterone levels.

She also changed her story about some of the things she had told me before……so confusing! I was told to make an appointment for a ‘follow up appointment’. This is apparently with the main doctor (which she apparently isn’t). The waiting list for that is much longer, so my appointment is on 21 April!! More than 2 months away. I will not be starting on Clomiphene until told to, and that might be at that appointment or later. I am not to go on it before then.

In the meantime I have to do the x-Ray test (I’ve completely forgotten the technical name for it!) and another blood test (all as soon as possible when I start my next period).

In reality, if I have ovulated this week, at least I know that should happen in the next week or so.

Maybe something will happen at some point this year!!