Yesterday, I thought I’d get ahead of the game. I thought I’d go collect my prescription for the Clomiphene so it was one less thing to do when I come on…..

The prescription itself was in a different style to what the normal GP gives out….but I thought…..’the pharmacist will recognise it and give me the prescription’. BUT….I then read it properly….where it clearly states I have to go to the hospital pharmacy only!! Doh! So much for my good intentions.

This, amongst the other things I’ve got to do, makes me wish I had taken a little note pad with me to my first appointment. You try to remember everything and end up remembering nothing!

So now, on Monday at my next scan, I feel like I’m going to have to quiz the doctor and confirm everything she told me all over again!!

I have a bad memory at the best of times… from now on I’m going to write things down!! Then all I have to remember is to read what I write!!