So, we had our first appointment today. To prove we are now finally on the journey, I am the proud owner of a ‘yellow folder’. Apparently I have to take this with me to each and every appointment.

The first shocker for me was that the Gynaecology and Anti-Natal clinic share the same waiting room……are they trying to rub it in? Having to queue up to register our arrival….one end of the desk those who are pregnant, the other end those of us who can’t fall pregnant. Nice.

To the appointment:
First I had to be measured (height) and weighed. From this they calculated my BMI. It is apparently 24. I googled it – luckily that is in the ‘normal’ range.

We then went in to meet the doctor. This was one of the appointments we both had to attend. Some of the future tests will only need to be on me (as I am the one that needs treatment). They started by going through basic questions with my husband…..do you have any medical conditions, have you had any operations, do you drink, do you smoke etc. The same was then asked of me, with more detail required around my periods, regularity of cycle etc.

Although the doctors that referred me did several tests to confirm that I don’t ovulate, this doctor needs to do them again.

As the appointment was on the last day of my period, the doctor did an internal scan. Luckily the info that came with the appointment letter prepared me for that, so I was ‘ready’ down below! (Girls you know what I mean!) I now have to go back again next week to have a further scan to monitor the growth of my eggs. I’ve also been referred to have another x-Ray test to ‘test my tubes’. Apparently this one is a little painful/uncomfortable and the doctor warned me to take some pain killers before going! Eek!

On top of these, I’ve been told I have to have more blood tests (which I have to pay £35 for!) – as soon as I come on my next period (God knows when that will be!). The doctor has also given me a prescription to start Clomiphene. Apparently this should help me start ovulating on my own (am yet to google it!). I’ve heard of Clomid….but this appears to be slightly different, so I’ll research it. I am not to start this medication until my next cycle.

The doctor said that depending on the results of my tests, she may not get me to go onto the medication and we may go straight to the IVF option. My age (34) and the fact we have been trying for 7 years are apparently factors in that decision and so they want to act as quickly as they can. I’ve not got an issue with that!!

It seems that appointments and tests will be happening a lot over the next month or so….so I’ll have the opportunity to post more regularly!!