So, it arrived. The letter that may as well be written in gold it has been wanted so much!

I have an appointment with the specialist! Since referral, this will have been 4 months approximately.

The appointment has been made for Thursday 20 November. But….the letter also says both of us need to be at the appointment… I now need to call them and ask them to re-schedule it 😦 My husband doesn’t work for a flexible company and so can’t just book a day off at a whim – especially without much notice. Hopefully this won’t mean another 3 month wait!!

But regardless of that….I am not sure how I feel about finally getting to the start line. I expected to be overly excited….whoo hoo! But no…..I think it’s more a combination of fear and resignation. Whilst this is something we have wanted for so long…..I feel like we’ll still go through all this and it won’t work. I would like to think that this time next year I may be pregnant…but I just can’t picture it.

The letter came through with a whole load of information. Possible treatments going forward etc. It’s all generic as would be expected…but boy…what a list of options! They say they will go through everything in the appointments…..I hope I remember it all! I know my husband won’t!! I’m also quite pedantic when it comes to these things, so as soon as I know what route we’ll start down, I’ll be googling it to death! It’s really frustrating me that I don’t know what to read up on yet!

So here we go….about to reach the start line of our journey……wish us luck!