Well, more results came back this week. And more results have confirmed there is nothing wrong!
So, I’ve been tested to the hilt and back and my husband has now too.

Is it weird to have actually hoped the tests found something? At least then there would be a reason for us not conceiving, as well as the possibility of treatment…..now all I feel is we’re still stuck in limbo land.

Back to square one we go then!!!

So, I’m going to take a step back and go back to the simple methods. It’s going to cost me a fortune in ovulation kits and god knows what, but it’s still cheaper than IVF.

My husband has a few other tests to do (for other health reasons, nothing to do with fertility) so we’re going to focus our minds on that first. The last few months feel like we’ve been at that doctors surgery every other week.

I am feeling a little weird right now – for some reason I feel completely devastated as well as so overly optimistic. Such a strange contradiction with a glimmer of hope for the future. I am on such a hormonal roller coaster ride now it’s exhausting.

What will be will be. I so hope that what is meant to be is what I want though!!