I’ve now got 3 weeks off of work 😀
Which means I’ve committed to having a clear out and spring clean.
In doing so, it means I’ve ended up taking a trip down memory lane…..some of the books I used to read when I was little, old certificates, school reports and even my first plane ticket!!!

I like to keep memories, but I also want to keep these books from my childhood for my own children. The books are a little tatty I’ll grant you that, but they are timeless classics!!! They never did me any harm!!

I’m not entirely sure what the weeks ahead will bring. I had to take the leave from work as the end of the year was looming and I still had too much left.

I was hoping that during these weeks I would need to go to Cyprus for a job interview after biting the bullet and taking the plunge with the application. Unfortunately I didn’t hear back after all those nerves, so that seems to be off the cards 😦

In addition, tomorrow being the first working day off….it’s back to the doctors for some more tests. Hopefully we’ll get through the day without too much stress and I can get on with relaxing. Maybe even digging out a few more memories will be part of the week!