So, it’s over again for another year!!

Christmas Day was a lovely day, seeing family and eating plenty!!! The only downside was the lack of kids in the morning. My youngest nephew was spending time with my brother’s in-laws, so it was us and my sister’s family. Love them all to bits, but older kids presents are envelopes!!! All they wanted was cash!! Gone are the days when there were huge boxes with hours worth of Lego for the adults to put together, or huge trucks for us to ride around on while the kids play with the cardboard boxes!!!

Later on in the day we visited more family and then it was kids galore, including 10 month old twins!!! Then we walked into the aftermath of the traditional mayhem!! That’s one of the parts I miss about Christmas Day…..hopefully over the next few years we’ll get that again….and not with great nieces or nephews but kids of my own!!

I hope you all enjoyed the festive season and got to enjoy the day.