So, this weekend was about celebrating a belated Halloween. A mid week halloween wasn’t ideal.

But, my husband is a DJ and plays a radio set every Saturday. Which doesn’t support a healthy social life at times!

The answer was an online party in the radio chat room. The chat room has web cams so we could see each other dressed up. It’s cheap and cheerful and means those who can’t normally participate get to have fun too.


Some of the listeners are disabled, have kids, have serious illnesses or are skint!! The one thing we do all have in common is our love of music.

A good night was had all round without spending a fortune!! As it wasn’t possible for us to all be together, this was the next best thing! Technology really can help bring people together. The party was worldwide with at least 5 different time zones represented – from Australia to Canada and places in between!!!

I hope you all enjoyed your halloween celebrations!