I’m not sure if its just me, but on occasion, when I’m home alone, it’s nice to grab a drink and enjoy a girly film.  My husband isn’t a fan….so needless to say I don’t get to watch them much!

So, the other day I do just that.  A film was on with Anne Hathaway (girly film queen) and it was described as a ‘touching romance’.  It was called One Day.


Perfect I thought…..


It is a brilliant film, don’t get me wrong.  BUT…..(look away now if you’ve not seen the film and intend to)….  I’ve established that ‘touching romance’ actually means depressing!  To me personally anyway.  Maybe the story line just struck a cord with me (which kind of highlights it was a good film with good acting).  Basically – I was expecting a happy ever after ending – which is what I want out of a girly film on a relaxing day.  But no.  She dies.  Tragically and too soon.

I guess the story line starting striking a cord when they decide to try for a baby.  They try for a year with no luck.  Then bam, Anne Hathaway’s character dies after being run over by a truck.  WTF!  (as close to swearing as I’ll get!).

Bye bye happy ending.  Which I guess made me scared I am going to kiss goodbye to my own happy ending.  We get through the difficult days with the hope that everything will be alright.  Lets face facts – Life Goes On regardless.  If we don’t have that hope, what’s the point?

So, at the end of the film, I angrily switched the TV off and went to sit in the sun (feeling sorry for myself without being clear why!).  But – several days later it is still bugging me!  I feel a slight paranoia when walking down the street – am I going to get run over by a bus?!?!  Madness I know!

Lesson learnt.  When trying to unwind – stick with what I know – watch Dirty Dancing!!!

On a serious note though – 2 sayings spring to mind. Although they do contradict each other a tad, they are both so true.  Life is too short and Life Goes On.  Either way life is a precious gift not to be wasted.