Sometimes I love my job, it takes me to various places that are beautiful.




It was a gorgeous day and this is a damn sighter nicer to look at than inside the office!

But, every time I see these sites now, I feel a little sadness. And to be honest I am getting a little fed up with myself for it.  I’m not dying or anything.  This isn’t the last time I will see these beautiful things.  But, I wish more and more that I had the opportunity to share them with children.  I want to be walking along that promenade with a buggy, or running after a little toddler – scared to death they will fall in the water – but loving their enjoyment of the different surroundings!

I don’t know whether my feelings are exaggerated by the fact that there seems to be another cycle of friends and colleagues falling pregnant.  I keep consoling myself with the fact the time isn’t right… will happen when its supposed to, won’t it???

Hopefully this phase will pass…..if I’m getting annoyed with myself, no doubt I am irritating those around me too!

So to anyone who reads this that knows me – SORRY!  Just give me a kick up the arse and tell me to get over it!