I’m currently in full appreciation mode right now.  I’m finding myself looking at every day things as though it is the first time again.  Its exhilarating.

The other day I had a meeting in London.  A journey I’ve made many times.  And many times I’ve just had my head down – mixing in with all the other unhappy faces in the crowd!  This time I opened my eyes and looked around me.  I forgot how great London can be and how fascinating it is.


The journey starts at the train station.  An amazing building in itself with a long long history!


This wonderful cathedral set back off the main road – next door to House of Fraser!  Seems mad to have old and new alongside each other.


This quirky little pub – completely out of place surrounded by high rise office blocks!


And television studios!  I have to admit I try and spot a celebrity every time I walk past here!!!

So, I’d like to advise you all – look around you when doing your every day journeys.  Don’t miss out on the good stuff going on around!  Because I paid attention to these things, I enjoyed my journey into work…….and bought a smile to my face.

What are you missing out on??